Tornado hits county

A pair of tornadoes toppled trees, knocked out power to thousands and extensively damaged property in Susquehanna and Wayne counties on Friday night, the National Weather Service confirmed.

A weather service team surveyed the damage Saturday, and preliminary results found both were EF1 tornadoes, which carry wind speeds of between 73 and 112 mph on the Enhanced Fujita Tornado Damage Scale.
No injuries were reported, but storm damage was evident through parts of Susquehanna and Wayne counties.
“It was louder than thunder,” said Carli Curtis, 17, who was home alone when one of the twisters struck her home. “I feel it was louder than a train too.”
National Weather Service hydrologist Michael Schaffner said one tornado touched down a mile east of Union Dale in southeastern Susquehanna County, tracked into Wayne County near Pleasant Mount and ended in Wayne near the Pike County border.
The beginning of the other was found south east of Honesdale near White Mills. It ended just inside Pike County, Mr. Schaffner said.
The weather service later identified a third tornado in Wayne County .
Between 50 and 80 properties have some damage, mostly in Wayne County, said Brian Wrightson, emergency services director for the American Red Cross of Lackawanna County, who visited the storm damage Saturday.
Wrightson said mostly farmland was hit in Susquehanna County. A few families in the Mausoleum Rd. area were affected but Wrightson said he wasn’t aware of any county residents displaced due to the storm.

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