Montrose approves skateboard ordinance

A skateboard ordinance that has been in the works for years was finally passed Monday night by Montrose Borough Council, which now is looking into a proposed skateboard park.
Council also addressed water quality issues Monday night, as residents who witnessed the rupture of a 100-year-old, 10-inch water main near the Courthouse Green told of thousands of gallons of water and the pipe itself bursting along Maple Street.
On Friday, a water main blew apart at about 10 a.m., breaking the street surface for blocks, gushing water into Chestnut Street, and wreaking havoc.
“It actually flipped out of the road near the Historical Society,” Code Enforcement Officer David Darrow said.
He said that the road blew up, with an estimated 74,000 gallons of water spewing forth at 4,000 gallons a minute, and causing traffic congestion and pedestrian commotion.
“It is a state road and part of the Agility Program, so we were asked to submit any claims we have (for damages),” Darrow said.
Pennsylvania American Water recently contacted Montrose Borough about a backflow device test that needs to be conducted this month at the borough’s service address on Cherry Street, to ensure that a reduced pressure backflow prevention assembly is working properly, meeting the standards of the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act.
One resident attending the council meeting voiced concerns on water quality in the borough and how the pipe break would affect town water, as well as residence faucets and water tanks.
The ordinance prohibiting the use of skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters or bicycles in portions of Memorial Park and the downtown business district in the Borough of Montrose was approved at the meeting. The business district shall include the full length of Church Street, Grow Avenue, Public Avenue, Maple Street, Chestnut Street, Strawberry Lane, Beech Street, Spruce Street, Lake Avenue, Chenango Street, and the portion of South Main Street from Church Street to Cemetery Street.
A first offense shall result in the confiscation of the skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters and bicycles for a period of 30 days. A second and any subsequent offense shall result in the imposition of a fine of $50. In the event a minor is involved with the offense, a parent or guardian shall be served with a written notice of the infraction.
No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters and bicycles shall be returned to a minor without a parent or guardian present.
Michael Dougherty of Murphy, Dougherty and Company Certified Public Accountants presented a proposal and bid for audit services for Montrose Borough for the years ended Dec. 31, 2009 and 2010, including a detailed review of all funds.
Dougherty said he was aware of the borough’s ongoing investigation, and that the audit would be conducted in a manner that would aid the borough in minimizing risks of fraud, implementing segregation of duty, and putting controls in place so that fraud can be detected in a timely manner.
“We expect that the 2010 audit will be simpler to conduct than 2009’s will be,” councilman Sean Granahan said. “Do you expect your audit procedure will reflect this?”
Resident Amy Lyden proposed a Park Bench and Tree Dedication Program, to be run through the borough, so that people who wish to purchase a memorial tree or bench in memory or celebration of a person or event can have one established in the local park. The council approved memorial benches made from recycled plastic.
A proposed ordinance precluding the use of brake retarders on certain roads in the borough limits was tabled until its next meeting on Aug. 16.

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