Springville music fest moved

A music festival planned for Springville Township this weekend has been moved out of the area.
The “Summer Sanctuary” festival is now scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Afton, N.Y., about 30 miles northeast of Binghamton.
Concert promoter Richard Morykon said the change was prompted by several factors. He said there were difficulties getting permits from PennDOT, and he also had difficulties working with the township supervisors to get necessary clearances.
“The township was very, very against it, and it seemed like they were working against us,” Morykon said.
He stated that he got a mixed reaction from the few local residents that approached him. One woman who owns a nearby day care center expressed her concerns, Morykon said, but there were also some people who were looking forward to it.
“A lot of it was hearsay,” he said.
The concert will now be at Echo Lake Camp, which has held other similar festivals, Morykon said.
“All the way across the board, it’s a better place for it,” noted Morykon.
Because of the type of facility hosting the concert, Morykon said he has had to institute a $20 admission fee. However, he said there will be no parking charge at the new location.
Changing the site at the last minute does create a few logistical problems, Morykon noted. He said through the concert’s website and other media, the word is getting around.
Springville Township Supervisor Ed Wood said the township did provide Morykon with the information he needed for necessary permits.
“We gave him everything that we had,” Wood said.
The supervisor stated that Morykon never responded to anything the township sent him.
In any event, Wood said he is relieved that the concert has been moved.
“I’m glad we don’t have it,” he said.

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