Cross country roundup

Elk Lake

The Elk Lake Warriors swept their second cross country meet of the season on Tuesday in Dimock.

The Warrior boys defeated Lakeland 15-48, Mountain View 15-50, and Lackawanna Trail 15-49 as Mike Bedell set a course record at 16:06 taking first place.

For the girls, Maria Trowbridge led the team with a 19:37 finish in first place as Elk Lake defeated Lackawanna Trail 18-44.

Coming in behind Bedell on the boys’ team was Luke Jones in second place at 16:26, Sean Carney in fourth at 17:01, Jeff Horvath in fifth at 17:05, Bryan Grosvenor in sixth at 17:14, Will Bennett in eighth at 17:14 and Matt Horvath in 14th at 18:33.

Other finishers for Elk Lake’s boys’ team included Seth Carney (18th-18:45), Jason Vermuelen (24th-19:10), Billy Guenter (56th-23:20) and Bryant Dietrick (57th-23:26).

For Elk Lake’s girls, coming in behind Trowbridge was her sister Elizabeth Trowbridge in second at 19:40, Kirsten Hollister in fifth at 20:40, Abby Zdancewicz in sixth at 20:58, Emily Williams in seventh at 21:35, Cassy Salsman in eighth at 21:37, Lainey Bedell in ninth at 21:41, Kellie Grosvenor in 12th at 22:28, and Cassie VanEtten in 16th-24:11.

In junior high action, Elk Lake’s boys’ team lost 23-32 to Lakeland while it defeated Susquehanna 19-42, Mountain View 15-50 and Lackawanna Trail 19-44.

Finishers for Elk Lake’s junior high boys included Hunter Bedell in second at 11:41, Cooper Cole in sixth at 12:38, Jesse Gowin in eighth at 12:40, Austin Bennett in 11th at 13:01, Cory Wood in 15th at 13:16, Brandon Roman in 17th at 13:24, Zach Moon in 18th at 13:29, David Cornelius in 21st at 13:45, Dalton Sherman in 22nd at 13:56, Ty Moon in 24th at 14:18 and Brad Dietrick in 41st at 18:33.

Elk Lake’s girls’ junior high team was led by Jenny VanEtten who finished first at 11:55 on the 1.97 mile course as Elk Lake defeated Lakeland 19-38 and Susquehanna 20-35.

Also finishing for Elk Lake’s junior high girls were Kenzie Jones in second at 12:48, Alayna Doolittle in fourth at 12:53, Katie Bennett in sixth at 13:41, Lauren Vermeulen in 16th at 15:40, Emily Forba in 19th at 16:40, Courtney Chew in 24th at 16:51 and Kaeley Carney in 25th at 16:57. 

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge boys’ cross country team competed in a meet at Elk Lake on Tuesday where the Raiders took a pair of wins and a loss.

Blue Ridge defeated Lakeland 26-29 and Mountain View 18-41 while falling 25-31 to Lackawanna Trail.

The Raiders were led by a third place finish from Jake Hinkley at 16:38, while teammate Mike Robbs finished in eighth place at 17:29.

Also finishing for Blue Ridge’s boys was Chris Carlsen in 23rd at 19:09, TJ Loomis in 25th at 19:12, Patrick Cramer in 36th at 20:36, Mark Oakley in 47th at 22:10, Jake Tyler in 50th at 22:38, William Moller in 53rd at 23:11, Dave Miller in 64th at 26:00 and Eddie Gorick in 65th at 26:01.

On the girls’ side, Blue Ridge’s Katie Cramer topped for the Raiders taking 14th place at 23:29, while Katharina Keene took 25th at 27:57 and Katie Drake took 26th at 28:39.

Blue Ridge’s junior high boys faced three 15-50 losses from Lakeland, Susquehanna and Lackawanna Trail while the Lady Raiders defeated Lakeland 38-40 and fell to Susquehanna 23-32.

Finishers for Blue Ridge’s boys included Jacob Davenport in 35th place at 15:42.

On the girls’ side, Blue Ridge’s Lauren Whitney took fifth place at 13:22, Victoria Layton took 12th place at 14:35, Charlotte Hall had 18th place at 16:15, Lindsay Rupakus had 20th place at 16:42, Kim Klim took 22nd at 16:44, Taylor Bronson had 23rd at 16:44 and Kaitlyn Konsur took 34th at 18:14.


Montrose Area’s cross country teams traveled to Elk Lake on Tuesday afternoon where the Meteor teams each picked up a win.

The boys’ team took an 18-45 victory over Mountain View while falling to Lakeland 25-31 and Lackawanna Trail 21-36 while the girls’ team defeated Trail 27-28.

The boys’ team was led by Ryan Martin with a 10th place finish at 17:28.

Also finishing for the Montrose boys’ team were Bryce Carlton in 16th at 16:42, Chris Hollenbeck in 22nd at 19:04, Tom Lewis in 29th at 19:28, Chris Preston in 31st at 19:38, Chris Arnold in 32nd at 19:50, Ben Ely in 33rd at 20:02, Dustin Wolf in 34th at 20:08, Chris Jordan in 42nd at 21:04, Caleb Reynolds in 48th at 22:24, Tim Preston in 49th at 22:31, Nick Myers in 51st at 22:51 and Jacob Myers in 63rd at 25:35.

On the girls’ side, Montrose’s Samantha Bennicci finished in third place overall with a 19:47, while teammate Allison Lewis took 10th at 21:49.

Other finishers for the Montrose girls included Anna Ruseski in 18th at 24:28, Allison Russell in 20th at 26:04, Emily Blachek in 21st at 26:47, Brooke Warner in 23rd at 26:50, Rachel Robinson in 27th at 28:41, Maura Warner in 30th at 32:34 and Katy-Elan Shelp in 31st at 33:50.  

In junior high action, Montrose’s boys took a 16-45 loss from Lakeland, a 27-29 loss from Susquehanna while defeating Mountain View 15-50 and Lackawanna Trail 24-34.

Finishers for the junior high boys included Logan Stone in 13th at 13:03, Ethan Stankiewicz in 16th at 13:17, Steven Shelp in 27th at 14:43, Will Traver in 28th at 14:47, Liam McKeeley in 36th at 15:44, Justin Loomis in 37th at 16:03 and Justin Richel at 45th in 17:04.

The junior high girls beat Lakeland 18-27 while falling to Susquehanna 15-50.

Finishing for the Montrose junior high girls was Emma Washo in seventh at 13:46, Angela Russell in 10th at 14:05, Brieanna Brunges in 17th at 15:43 and Taylor Warner in 27th at 17:25.

Mountain View

The Mountain View boys’ cross country team competed at Elk Lake on Tuesday afternoon taking three losses.

The team lost 15-50 to Elk Lake, 18-45 to Montrose at 18-41 to Blue Ridge. On the day, the Eagles didn’t place a runner in the top 15.

Placing for Mountain View on the boys’ side was Ridge Bernosky in 21st at 18:55, Liam Maloney in 39th at 20:53, Austin Chudzlinski in 52nd at 22:58, Owen Flannery in 54th at 23:12, Joe Marshabeka in 55th at 23:14, Tony Gaynor in 58th at 23:40, Zach McCarty in 66th at 26:24, Brian Goble in 67th at 28:20 and Chris Powers in 68th at 40:42.

For the girls, Mountain View’s Mary Skurnowitz placed 28th at 30:03.

In junior high action, the boys’ team lost 15-50 to Elk Lake and 15-50 to Montrose.

For the junior high boys, James Goodenough finished in 10th place at 12:55, Joe Nalley took 33rd at 15:33, Seth Fluck placed 34th at 15:38 and Doug Martin took 45th at 20:42.

Forest City

The Forest City boys’ and girls’ cross country teams faced a pair of losses each on Tuesday afternoon.

Forest City’s boys were defeated 17-46 by Dunmore and 26-29 by Riverside while the girls’ team faced a pair of 15-50 losses to Dunmore and Riverside.

Matt Terry led the boys’ team with a 10th place finish at 20:44 while Cathy Cook topped for the girls’ team finishing in 15th with a 25:47.

In junior high action, Forest City’s boys faced a 15-50 loss from Dunmore while the girls’ team was defeated 15-50 by Riverside.


At Elk Lake on Tuesday, Susquehanna entered a runner into the varsity meet, as Saber Tim Flanagan finished in 61st place with a 24:00 finish.

In junior high action, Ivy Christensen topped the Susquehanna runners with a 12:52 finish in third place, while teammate Mikayla Hargett took eighth at 13:52.

Also finishing for Susquehanna’s girls was Mashawna Hargett in 14th at 15:03, Cori Glidden in 21st place at 16:43, Rachel Hubal in 26th at 17:04, Katie Greene in 29th at 17:36, Jessica Plutino in 30th at 17:41, Nicole Sherman in 32nd at 17:44, Gabby Cine in 37th at 18:56 and Alyssa Rockwell in 38th at 20:44.

Susquehanna’s junior high girls lost 20-35 to Elk Lake while beating Montrose 15-50, and Blue Ridge 23-32.

On the boys’ side, Justin Acone finished in ninth on the boys’ side for Susquehanna with a 12:46.

Also finishing for the Saber boys, Nick Acosta took 12th at 13:02, Sal Palecci took 23rd at 14:13, Brad Sherman took 30th at 14:54, Jacob Smith took 38th at 16:13, Mike Armitage took 42nd at 19:15 and Marty Swartz took 44th at 20:25.

As a team, Susquehanna’s junior boys took a 19-42 loss from Elk Lake, a 27-29 win over Montrose, and a 15-50 win over Blue Ridge.


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