Boys’ soccer roundup

Nick Vales, right, slides in to kick the ball during the Raiders’ win over Riverside at home on Friday. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

Mountain View


Mountain View’s boys’ soccer team faced a 2-0 loss at Abington Heights on Saturday, a 2-1 loss to North Pocono at home on Friday and grabbed a 7-1 victory over Scranton on the road on Tuesday evening.

Against Abington, the Comets scored a goal in the first half, and a second goal in the second half to defeat the Eagles. Mountain View had six shots on goal and one corner while goalie Chris Herman picked up five saves.

On Friday, the Trojans scored first at 25 minutes, and would hold a 1-0 lead over Mountain View at halftime.

The Eagles tied the game up in the second half at 65 minutes, but a goal from the Trojans at 72 minutes was enough to overtake Mountain View.

The Eagles had 16 shots on goal and three corners while Herman had five saves.

Mountain View kicked off scoring with a goal from Colin Davis at eight minutes before Colby Thomas chipped in at 20 minute to make it a 2-0 game.

Thomas then scored again at 25 minutes with an assist from Greg Adams to bring it to 3-0 before Joe Jarrow scored with an assist from Cody Mikloiche at 32 minutes to end the half at 4-0.

In the second half, Thomas scored his third goal with an assist from Dan McWhirr at 51 minutes, followed by a McWhirr goal with an assist from Mikloiche at 54 minutes to bring the tally to 6-0.

Davis scored at 70 minutes to make it 7-0 before Scranton’s Matt DeAngelo would score the team’s only goal at 72 minutes.

Mountain View had 15 shots on goal and five corner kicks while goalie Chris Herman had two saves.

Blue Ridge 

Eric Giangrieco controls the ball for Blue Ridge during the team’s 7-2 win over Riverside at home on Friday. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

Blue Ridge’s boys’ soccer team picked up a 7-2 victory at home over Riverside on Thursday afternoon.

Blue Ridge’s Taylor Carlson got the scoring started with an assist from Wes Ward at 16:29 before Greg Stonier would added a second with an assist from Ward at 18:57.

Raider Derek Williams knocked in a goal with an assist from Hayley Rupakus at 21:07 to make it 3-0.

Riverside’s Marc Lucas scored at 26:46 to put Riverside on the board while Blue Ridge’s Eric Giangrieco added a goal at 28:11 with an assist from Nick Vales.

Taylor Carlsen, right, controls the ball during the Raiders’ 7-2 win over Riverside at home on Thursday. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

Vales then scored a goal of his own, unassisted, at 34:01 to make it 5-1 at halftime.

After the break, Billy Rupakus scored at 42:17 to make it 6-1, before Riverside got a second Lucas goal off a penalty kick at 47:08 to make it 6-2.

However, Morgan Clapper capped off the game for the Raiders with an assist from Stonier at 47:44.

Blue Ridge had 30 shots on goal and five corners while goalie Tama Galu-Edgar picked up two saves.

Forest City

The Forest City boys’ soccer team grabbed a 4-1 win over the Old Forge Blue Devils on the road on Thursday.

David Cavalieri started off the first half with a goal at 11:52 before Jake Fedak added a second at 17:18.

Logan Fitzsimmons knocked in a third goal for the Foresters at 37:40 to give Forest City a 3-0 lead at halftime.

In the second half, Old Forge scored at 60:32 before Forest City capped off the 4-1 win in the a goal from Kevin Swartz at 78:46.

Forest City had 17 shots on goal and five corners while goalie Zack Sosnowski had 16 shots on goal.


Montrose’s boys’ soccer team took a 3-0 win over St. Gregory’s on Thursday at home and was handed a 2-0 loss from Western Wayne at an away game on Tuesday.

Against St. Gregory’s, Montrose’s Joey Zuber scored a goal at 27:30 with an assist from Ryan Ochse, and tagged a second goal at 32:11 with an assist from Kenny Curtis to make it 2-0.

After halftime, Montrose’s Matt Lewis added a goal at 44 minutes to assist in the Meteor shutout.

The Meteors took 10 shots on goal and had one corner while goalie Danny Simonds had six saves.

Western Wayne scored a goal from Andrew Green at 17:56 in the first half to make it 1-0 going into half time.

Second half scoring saw the Wildcats put a second goal on the board with a shot from Cody Osif at 72:06 to bring it to 2-0.

Montrose had eight shots on goal and six corners while Danny Simonds picked up 11 saves.

Elk Lake

The Elk Lake boys’ soccer team took a 2-0 victory over Western Wayne at home on Saturday.

Elk Lake’s Matt Cuomo scored a pair of goals, one in the first half at 29:38 with an assist from Joe Woolcock, and another in the second half on a penalty kick at 43:25 to lift the Warriors.

Elk Lake had six shots on goal and six corner kicks while goalie Nick Dudock racked up five saves in the net.

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