Locals compete in Steamtown Marathon

Several locals from Susquehanna County competed in the Steamtown Marathon from Forest City to Scranton on Sunday with Teresa Condon of Brooklyn topping the locals.

Condon, 26, led Susquehanna County competitors as she placed 263rd in the race at 3:19:17.

The top male finisher from the county was Joseph Kelly, 28, of Union Dale, who took 295th in the marathon at 3:21:15

Other Susquehanna County finishers were:

Larry Cassidy, 58, of Union Dale, who took 648th in the marathon at 3:41:04.

Fred Bostrom, 73, of Brackney, took 1,485th place at 4:28:32.

Kristina Klein, 21, of Brackney, took 1,496th place at 4:28:53.

Mary Ann Hendrickson, 54, of Clifford Township, finished 1,549th at 4:32:24.

Francis Graytock, 62, of Forest City, took 1,585th at 4:35:10.

Jay Klein, 50, of Brackney, finished in 1,669th at 4:45:07.

Beth Sedlack, 39, of Clifford Township, took 1,792nd at 5:02:04.

Jennifer Benson, 25, of Susquehanna, finished in 1,858th with a time of 5:22:44.

Kathryn DeWitt, 21, of Susquehanna, took 1,859th with a time of 5:22:46.

David Burnis, 56, of Forest City, took 1,920th with a time of 6:06:33.

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