Warriors stay perfect

Elk Lake’s Maria Trowbridge heads to the finish line on the way to winning her race on Tuesday. TIMES-SHAMROCK PHOTO/LINDA MORGAN

Elk Lake’s boys’ and girls’ cross country teams each took home victories from Nay Aug Park on Tuesday to remain unbeaten on the year.

The Warrior boys brother home victories against Mid Valley (15-45), Scranton (15-50) and West Scranton (15-49) as Mike Bedell took first overall at 16:18.

On the girls’ side, Maria Trowbridge was first place at 19:15 as the Lady Warriors took wins over Mid Valley (15-50), Scranton (15-50) and West Scranton (19-44).

Following Bedell on the boys’ side was Luke Jones in second at 16:37, Sean Carney in third at 16:53, Jeff Horvath in fifth at 17:00, Will Bennett in sixth at 17:08 and Bryan Grosvenor in ninth at 17:35.

On the girls’ side, coming in behind Trowbridge was Elizabeth Trowbridge in fifth place at 20:01, Abby Zdancewicz in sixth at 20:49, Emily Williams in seventh at 20:53, Lainey Bedell in eighth at 21:06, Kirsten Hollister in ninth at

Elk Lake’s Mike Bedell won his race on Tuesday at Nay Aug Park in Scranton. TIMES-SHAMROCK PHOTO/LINDA MORGAN

 21:28, Kellie Grosvenor in 11th at 22:00 and Cassie Salsman in 12th at 22:20.

In junior high action, Elk Lake’s boys took home a 24-33 win over Mid Valley, a 16-47 victory over Scranton and an 18-43 win over West Scranton as Hunter Bedell took first at 10:45.

On the girls’ side, the junior Warriors beat Mid Valley 20-36, Scranton 16-46 and West Scranton 19-38 as Jenny VanEtten took first place for Elk Lake at 11:00.


Montrose Area’s girls’ cross country team swept three wins at a meet at Nay Aug Park on Tuesday, while the boys’ team went 2-1.

Montrose’s girls defeated Mid Valley 25-30, Scranton 26-29 and West Scranton 27-28 while the boys’ team beat Scranton 19-38 and West Scranton 24-31 and faced a 21-37 loss to Mid Valley.

Samantha Bennici was the Meteors’ top finisher taking third place overall at 19:50 while teammate Allison Lewis took 10th overall at 21:56.

On the boys’ side, leading the way was Ryan Martin in 12th place at 17:53 while teammate Bryce Carlton took 15th at 18:19.

In junior high action, the Montrose boys lost 21-35 to Mid Valley, 25-29 to Scranton and 24-31 to West Scranton while the junior girls lost 26-29 to Mid Valley, and 27-28 to West Scranton while taking home a 19-36 win over Scranton.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge’s boys’ cross country team swept three in a meet at Nay Aug Park on Tuesday while the girls’ team took three losses.

The Raider boys defeated Mid Valley 22-33, Scranton 15-43 and West Scranton 18-38, as the girls took a 15-50 loss to Mid Valley, Scranton and West Scranton.

Topping for the boys’ team was Jake Hinkley, who took fourth place overall at 18:54.

Teammate Mike Robbs came in eighth place at 17:29, Ethan Mansfield took 13th at 18:00 and TJ Loomis had 14th at 18:12.

On the girls’ side, Allison Hall was the Raiders’ top finisher in fourth place at 19:57.

In junior high boys’ action, Blue Ridge lost 15-50 to Scranton, Mid Valley and West Scranton, while the girls’ team lost 27-28 to Mid Valley while beating Scranton 18-43 and West Scranton 27-30.

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