Eagles top foresters


Mountain View’s boys’ cross country team went 3-1 at Lackawanna Trail on Tuesday while the girls’ team went 0-2.


In a cross county match-up, the Eagles defeated Forest City 21-30, despite the Foresters’ Matt Terry who took fourth overall in the cluster meet with a time of 19:00 that was the best for either school.

Mountain View’s boys also defeated Western Wayne 19-44, , and Carbondale 21-40 while falling 15-49 to Honesdale.

Finishing tops for the Eagles was Ridge Bernosky in 16th place at 19:48, followed by Anthony Miller in 32nd at 21:17.


Also finishing for the Eagles was Mike Purdy (36th-21:45), Liam


Maloney (39th-21:55), Tony Gaynor (42nd-23:03), Joe Marshalik (46th-23:17), Austin Chudlinksi (50th-23:45), Zack McCarty (62nd-28:29) and Brian Gable (68th-28:42).

The girls’ team faced a 15-50 loss to both Honesdale and Western Wayne.

Finishing tops for the girls’ team was Kelly Purdy, who took 13th place at 23:19. Behind Purdy was Mary Skurnowicz in 42nd place at 30:29.

In junior high action, the boys’ team lost 15-50 to Honesdale and Forest City while the girls’ team lost 15-50 to Western Wayne and Honesdale.

Forest City’s Matt Terry took fourth place overall at Lackawanna Trail on Tuesday with a 19:00. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF



Forest City’s boys’ cross country team picked up a win over Susquehanna at Lackawanna Trail

on Tuesday while facing three losses.

The Foresters defeated Susquehanna 15-50 while facing a 21-38 loss from Mountain View, a 20-43 loss from Lakeland and an 18-45 loss from Lackawanna Trail.

Coming in tops for the Foresters was Matt Terry, who finished fourth overall at 19:00. Behind Terry was Bob Boone in 41st place at 22:54, followed by Zack Reynolds in 45th at 23:15 and Mike Palmer in 54th at 24:24.

On the girls’ side, Forest City’s Cathy Cook took 16th place at 24:15.

The boys’ junior high team beat Trail 15-50, Mountain View 15-50 while falling 15-50 to Lakeland.

Forest City’s junior high girls’ team lost 15-50 to Lakeland and Susquehanna.


Susquehanna’s boys’ cross country team faced four losses at Lackawanna Trail on Tuesday while the girls’ team took a pair of losses.

Susquehanna’s boys lost 15-50 to Honesdale, Western Wayne, Forest City and Carbondale while the girls’ team lost to Honesdale and Western Wayne 15-50.

Coming in tops for the boys’ team was Tim Flanagan in 61st at 28:15, followed by Zach Stanford in 64th at 28:50.

For the girls, Susan Greene came in 38th at 29:34.

However, in junior high action, Susquehanna’s Ivy Christensen took first place overall for the girls’ team at 13:12 while the team beat Forest City and Carbondale 15-50 and took a 25-32 loss to Western Wayne.

The junior high boys defeated Western Wayne 15-50, Forest City 17-44 and Carbondale 15-50 while losing 20-37 to Honesdale.

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