Bridgewater Church unveils ambitous plan

Bridgewater Baptist dedicates new pavilion at site for new church building. STAFF PHOTO/PAT FARNELLI


Bridgewater Baptist Church unveiled an ambitious building program Sunday morning, as attendees were presented with blueprints for a new church building, to be located on 35 acres off Route 167 south of Montrose.

Earlier this month, a new pavilion was completed on the same site, and a harvest dinner was celebrated.

Pastor Bob Kadlecik set the theme for the building program, in a short message about seizing the day and redeeming the time. Capital Campaign pledge cards were distributed.

 He spoke of the present building’s history, and of its current shortcomings as it holds 440 attendees on an average Sunday.

The old Bridgewater Baptist Church building had its cornerstone laid on July 24, 1899.

The congregants completed the building on Feb. 28, 1900. The previous church building was in use from 1829-1899.

“Praise the Lord for the sacrifice of that generation, many of whom were Civil War veterans,” Kadlecik said. “Over 100 years later, we are still benefitting from their generosity. Now is the the time for us to follow their example.”

The church currently has three worship services, and the first two services are nearly always packed.

Physical needs include the lack of parking space, not enough bathrooms, congested hallways and fellowship areas, and lack of adequate nursery space.

The most pressing problem is probably the children’s Sunday School area, in the church basement, which has been subjected to flood damage 2-3 times a year, according to material handed out Sunday.

The new facility will be built by Grimm Construction. The  facility will have an area of 27,200 total square feet, including a combination auditorium/gymnasium, offices, classrooms for children and adults, and an atrium.

The auditorium/gymnasium will be 85’ by 70’, large enough for a full size gym, and will be furnished with chairs that can be moved aside for floor space.

“There will be an atrium as you enter that will serve as a gathering area, and allow people to greet each other and talk, which has been difficult to do with the large groups moving in and out in the present building,:” said Outreach Pastor Brett Bixby. “I’m excited to see progress being made, its something to be thankful for.”

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