Horvath tops locals in “B” race

Elk Lake’s Matt Horvath took ninth overall in the junior varsity “B” race at the District II Class AA championship in Dimock on Wednesday.

Horvath took ninth overall at 19:30 to pace the Warriors.

Finishing behind Horvath for the Warriors was Jason Vermeulen in 18th at 20:21 and Bryant Dietrick in 63rd a 21:58.

For Blue Ridge, Eddie Gorick topped the Raiders taking 40th at 21:23, while teammate William Miller placed 69th at 22:07.

Montrose’s Dustin Wolf took 41st at 21:25, while teammate Chris Jordan placed 54th at 21:46.

Mountain View’s Brian Goble took 174th for the Eagles at 27:57.

In the girls’ race, Elk Lake’s Kellie Grosvenor finished in 11th overall at 25:09 as the Warriors’ only competitor, while Montrose’s Kati Ellen-Shelp entered and took 92nd as the only Meteor, in a time of 36:14.


1-Ludwig Roth (DAL), 18:26

2-Ryan McKeon (SP), 18:56

3-Sam Hager (SP), 19:04

4-Bill Burke (SP), 19:09

5-Casey Condon (SP), 19:18

6-Nikolas Atkins (TA), 19:25

7-Jeff Capaci (HR), 19:27

8-Ben Siegel (TA), 19:28

9-Matt Horvath (EL), 19:30

10-Corey Ehret (DAL), 19:35

18-Jason Vermeulen (EL), 20:21

40-Ed Gorick (BR), 21:23

41-Dustin Wolf (MON), 21:25

54-Chris Jordan (MON), 21:46

63-Bryant Dietrick (EL), 21:58

65-Chris Preston (MON), 21:59

69-William Miller (BR), 22:07

81-Tim Preston (MON), 22:24

109-Jacob Tyler (BR), 23:02

115-Caleb Reynolds (MON), 23:11

120-Nick Myers (MON), 23:29

128-Billy Guenter (EL), 23:41

133-Mark Oakley (BR), 24:05

163-Jake Myers (MON), 26:11

165-Zach DeCamp (MON), 26:33

174-Brian Goble (MtV), 27:57

175-David Miller (BR), 28:08

179-Zachary McCarty (MtV), 29:48


1-Allison Grose (DAL), 22:11

2-Sarah Pomfret (DAL), 22:39

3-Katie Metcalf (DAL), 23:10

4-Chelsea Martin (DAL), 23:38

5-Sarah Franssen (NP), 24:00

6-Kelli Jackson (HON), 24:04

7-Stephanie Dosiak (DAL), 24:18

8-Stephanie Dymond (TA), 24:29

9-Nicole Hunt (TA), 25:05

10-Michelle Stefanelli (NP), 25:09

11-Kellie Grosvenor (EL), 25:09

92-Kati-Ellen Shelp (MON), 36:14

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