‘Odd Couple’ staged at Susquehanna

Among the cast for Susquehanna’s staging of ‘The Odd Couple’ are seated, from left, Lauren Acosta and Elizabeth Acosta. Standing are Joseph DeLaPlaine, Bobby Skiba, Sean Leonard, Jack DeLaPlaine, Derek Williams and Ryan Rosenthal.



While all of the performers for the Susquehanna Community High School production of last weekend’s ‘The Odd Couple’ had been on stage previously, this was the first straight play for most of them.

All had been seen on stage in musicals over their Junior/Senior High School careers.

Senior stars were Sean Leonard, playing Oscar Madison; Bobby Skiba as Felix Unger; Ryan Rosenthal and Derek Williams. Known as the Rising Stars are underclassmen Elizabeth Acosta, Jack and Joseph DeLaPlaine, Lauren Marco.

The six male performers dominated the first act with the females making an appearence much later. Opening with a messy apartment and “the guys” determined to play poker, this all changed when Felix (the neat one) moved in following marital problems. Anyone familiar with the the TV show, “The Odd Couple” knows how Felix unintentionally drives Oscar and his friends crazy with constantly making the apartment tidy and determined to serve healthy food.

Acosta and Marco played young English ladies and to the untrained ear it would appear they were born and raised in England as they never faltered while giving flawless performances.

The production had two producer/directors as the casting and rehersals began with John Seigle with veteran drama advisor/director Roland Salamon taking over when it was necessary for Seigle to take a leave.

Working as light and sound engineers were John Ord, Nick Vales and Morgan Ofsharick. Jime Grabowski and Dereck Williams handled the artwork. Others working on the production were Teresa Marino, Mike Matis, Kyle Napolitan, Steven Skurski and Nick Chamberlain.

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