Locals medal at Kiwanis Tourney

Elk Lake’s Devin Fiorentino placed fourth at the Kiwanis Tournament after being defeated by Scranton’s Cody Roxby. Here, Fiorentino handles Honesdale’s Chavez Lill in the quarterfinals. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

Four local wrestlers brought home medals from the Tunkhannock Kiwanis Wrestling Tournament on Thursday.

Montrose’s Heather Traver finished in fourth place at 103 pounds, Elk Lake’s Devin Fiorentino took fourth at 135 and Susquehanna’s Tom Maby had fourth at 140.

Susquehanna’s Nick Vales brought home a seventh place medal with a pin of North Penn’s Benn Minnich in :57.

The Sabers topped the team standings for the locals coming in 20th with 39 points while Montrose had 22nd with 32 points. Elk Lake finished 24th as a team with 26 points.

Wyalusing topped the team standings with 216.50 total points, after finishing in second place

Montrose’s Heather Traver (103) faces off against Nanticoke’s Joe Brady in the quarterfinals. Traver lost, but still took fourth place at Kiwanis. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

last year, while Honesdale took second place at 191.50 and Coughlin had third at 181 points.

Team Scores

1. Wyalusing (WYAL), 216.50; 2. Honesdale (HON) 191.50; 3. Coughlin (COU) 181.00; 4. Western Wayne (WW) 180.50; 5. Pocono Mt. East (PME) 128.00; 6. Cedar Crest (CC) 121.50; 7. Warren County (WC) 121.00; 8. Nanticoke (NAN) 106.00; 9. Mount Carmel (MC) 98.50; 10. Scranton (SCR) 97.00; 11. Tunkhannock (TA) 91.00; 12. Lackawanna Trail (LT) 83.00; 13. Lake-Lehman (LL) 79.50; 14. North Penn (NP) 65.00; 15. North East Bradford (NEB) 63.00; 16. Phoenixville (PHO) 54.50; 17. Mahanoy (MA) 49.00; 18. Wyoming Area (WA) 43.00; 19. Scranton Prep (SP) 40.50; 20. Susquehanna (SUS) 39.00; 21. GAR  37.00; 22. Montrose (MON) 32.00; 23. Valley View (VV) 28.00; 24. Elk Lake

Susquehanna’s Tom Maby grapples with Cedar Crest’s Brett Pallas on his way to a fourth place finish at the Tunkhannock Kiwanis Tournament on Thursday at 140 pounds. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

(EL) 26.00

Championship First Round

130: Branden Vitack (LL) pinned Kevin Zamorski (MON), 1:12; 140: Beau Fuller (WW) pinned Anthony Benacquisto (MON), 5:59; 145: Aric Curry (EL) dec. Dylan Crusen (SCR), 8-6; 152: Garrett Enslin (WW) pinned Dakota Green (EL), 1:31; 171: Alex Krowiak (SP) pinned Isaiah Ofalt (EL), 5:10; 189: Alex Carrington (NEB) pinned Jon Haines (SUS), 5:13; Virgil Burns (WW) pinned Connor McNamara (MON), 1:21; Derrick Ellard (LL) pinned Dan Noldy (EL), 2:28; 285: Jarrett Coleman (SUS) pinned Devin Sandoe (NP), 3:38.

Championship Second Round

Susquehanna’s Nick Vales took seventh place at 145 pounds with this victory over North Penn’s Benn Minnich by pin in :57. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALICE STUFFLE

112: Danny Johnson (PME) Dec. Troy Maby (SUS), 12-10 OT; Brandon Kelley (WYAL) pinned Corey McCarey (EL), 1:43; 119: Matt Quirk (SCR) Dec. Mason Maye (EL), 6-4; 125: Chevy Houser (CC) Pinned Frank Delesky (EL), 1:35; 135: Devon Fiorentino (EL) pinned John Bennett (NEB), :36; 140: Tom Maby (SUS) dec. Zack Weidow (NAN), 4-1; Brett Pallas (CC) pinned Dan Daly (EL), 3:32

145: Nick Vales (SUS) pinned Chris Donnelly (SP), :34; Joe Champluvier (WYAL) pinned A. Curry (EL), 1:22; Ben Minnich (NP) pinned Kyle Rogers (MON), 1:38; 160: Mark Granahan (SCR) pinned Blake VanNostrand (MON), 1:15; Charlie Generotti (TA) pinned Jared Curry (EL), 1:19; 171: Zach Thorne (MON) pinned Brandon Devonshire (NEB), 4:40; 215: Clayton Force (WYAL) Pinned James Brewer (MON), 1:30; 285: Casey Drake (TA)  dec. John Shaffer (MON), 3-1 OT; Gage Cara (MAH) dec. Jarrett Coleman (SUS), 9-5.

Consolation First Round

112: McCarey (EL) Dec. Kyle Gavrish (NAN), 6-4; 130: Tyler Peterson (WC) pinned Zamorski (MON), :55; 140: Benacquisto (MON) pinned Chris Schellberg (PHO), 2:35; 145: Jordan Valenteen (PHO) Pinned A. Curry (EL), 3:37; 152: Mike Colatosti (NAN) pinned Green (EL), 1:30; 171: Lance Letteer (GAR) pinned Ofalt (EL), 1:22; 189: Derrick Ellard (LL) pinned Haines (SUS), :24; Troy Uhrin (VV) pinned McNamara (MON), 4:20; Alex Carrington (NEB) Dec. Noldy (EL), 6-0; 285: Coleman (SUS) pinned Mark Bullock (LL), 1:45.

Championship Quarterfinals

103: Joe Brady (NAN) pinned Heather Traver (MON), 2:31; 135: Devon Fiorentino (EL) dec. Chavez Lill (HON), 13-8; 140: Brett Pallas (CC) dec. Tom Maby (SUS), 5-2; 145: Cody Lloyd (CC) pinned Nick Vales (SUS), 3:50; 171: Thorne (MON) dec. Kyle Koviack (NAN), 7-3.

Consolation Second Round

112: Carmen Mauriello (WA) dec. McCarey (EL), 3-2; Tr. Maby (SUS) pinned Sickler (TA), 2:30; 119: Pat Creedon, (SP) dec. Maye (EL), 5-4; 125: Delesky (EL) pinned Tristen Alvarado (PHO), 2:00; 140: Ahmed Moustafa (PME) dec. Benacquisto (MON), 5-2; Daly (EL) dec. Zack Weidow (NAN), 7-0; 145: Maurice Wood (NAN) pinned Rogers (MON), 2:00 160: J. Curry (EL) pinned Rob McGregor, (SP), 2:45; VanNostrand (MON) pinned Nick Krehel (VV), 2:36; 285: Lehman, (LT) dec. Coleman (SUS), 6-1.

Consolation Third Round

112: Eddie McCarthy (PHO) dec. Tr. Maby (SUS), 8-3; 125: Andrew Barrow (GAR) pinned Delesky (EL), :20; 140: T. Maby (SUS) major dec.  Thane Rickard, (SP), 10-0; Jake Winters (LL) pinned Daly (EL), 2:48; 145: Vales (SUS) pinned Jordan Valenteen (PHO), :52; 160: Stuart Eshelman (WC) pinned J. Curry (EL), :40; Brian Maslowski (NAN) default VanNostrand (MON); 215: Brad Emerick (COU) pinned Brewer (MON), 3:20.

Championship Semifinals

135: Cory Zimmerman (WC) pinned Fiorentino (EL), 1:01; 171: Mike Cobb (WYAL) pinned Thorne (MON), 5:06.

Consolation Fourth Round

103: Traver (MON) forfeit Jeff Smith (SCR); 140: T. Maby (SUS) dec. Matt Mitchell (HON), 5-1; 145: Ben Siegle (TA) pinned Vales (SUS), 3:21.

Consolation Semifinals

103: Traver (MON) forfeit Ben Rutledge (HON); 135: Fiorentino (EL) dec. Gino Giunta (PME), 7-4; 140: T. Maby (SUS) Dec. Cody Zimmerman (WC), 3-1; 171: Marvess Rosiak, (LT) major dec. Thorne (MON), 10-1.

Seventh Place

145: Vales (SUS) pinned Ben Minnich (NP), :57

Fifth Place

171: Tyler Stettler (NP) forfeit Thorne (MON)

Third Place

103: Joe Brady (NAN) pinned Traver (MON), 1:50; 135: Cody Roxby (SCR) Major dec. Fiorentino (EL), 12-2; 140: Jake Winters (LL) dec. T. Maby (SUS), RO.

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