Heating oil spills in courthouse


An estimated 30 gallons of fuel oil spilled from a line leading to the furnace of the Susquehanna County Courthouse on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Chief Clerk Sylvia Beamer confirmed the fuel oil leak but said the fluid ran into and was contained in a cement pit in the basement.

Environmental clean-up specialist Charlie Gayson was called to clean the spill.

Beamer said the Dept. of Environmental Protection also responded but due to the limited number of gallons involved, it was a non-reportable spill.

The chief clerk said DEP was satisfied that Gayson was handling the spill response.

Fumes from the heating oil were worse in some offices than others, Beamer said. Other offices, she added, were able to keep fumes at bay by closing their hallway doors.

A few county employees reported not feeling well due to the fumes and left work.

Beamer said, “We did not ask anyone to stay who was not feeling well.”

The malfunctioning part was repaired on the day of the incident.

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