Men sentenced for vehicle thefts


Three Susquehanna County men involved in a vehicle theft ring that attracted drugs and cash last summer have been sentenced in the Court of Common Pleas.


Dustin Harvey, 24, and David Goodbred, 22, both of Dimock, each received on Thursday five 11-1/2-to-23 month sentences, as well as three 6-23 month sentences, to be served concurrently in the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility.

They were also both ordered to make restitution of nearly $10,000 each, to multiple victims.

The pair has been held on bail at the county lock-up since their arrests in August 2010.

On Friday, Daryl Cook, 27, of Montrose pleaded guilty and was promptly sentenced to five 11-1/2 to 23 month sentences, to run concurrent.

He was also ordered to pay more than $11,000 in restitution to five victims.


Cook must also pay $2,599 in extradition costs for violating his bail and going to California late last year when he turned himself in to authorities.

Cook pleaded guilty to three counts of theft; one count of burglary; and one count of receiving stolen property.

Harvey entered guilty pleas in December to theft, burglary or receiving stolen property charges associated with multiple cases in Auburn, Dimock and Bridgewater townships as well as Montrose Borough between May 29 and July 30.

Goodbred pleaded guilty in December to multiple counts of receiving stolen property in Bridgewater, Dimock and Montrose.

He also admitted to hindering apprehension or prosecution of a criminal after he told police on August 3


he had not seen Harvey who was actually staying at Goodbred’s residence.

In addition to the jail time, Goodbred and Cook were sentenced to five years probation after their release, and Harvey faces four years probation following his incarceration.

Legg said, “Given the drug addictions that drove these criminal acts, the Court wisely placed a long probationary period running consecutive for each defendant to not only protect the community, but also provide a means to assist the defendants in their recovery.”

Cook apologized for his actions and thanked the court for giving him a second chance.

President Judge Kenneth Seamans said, “I’ve got a lot of young men and women who go through this court who die before they are 30. You’ve got to do better. Save yourself.”

The three men were not together for all of the thefts. At times, only two of the three were involved, explained Legg.

During the crime spree, Cook, Goodbred and Harvey stole several ATVs, motorcycles and a car. The vehicles were then typically sold or exchanged for drugs in New York.

In addition to vehicles, a television, DVD player, beer, cash and stone quarry sludge pump were also stolen during the crime spree.

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