Election board seated


The county board of elections met for the first time, Feb. 9 following the commissioners’ meeting.

The three incumbent county commissioners announced that each will be running for election this year and therefore can not sit on the board of elections.

Appointed to serve on the board were: Richard Ainey, New Milford; Thomas Charles, Dimock; and Gary Marcho, Clifford.

Ainey, who was elected board chairman, is a former member of New Milford Borough Council and is the current treasurer of the Susquehanna County Democratic Party.

Marcho, elected vice-chair of the election board, is a former Susquehanna County Commissioner, elected to two terms and then appointed to fill a vacancy in the office.

Thomas Charles is a Democratic committeeman in Dimock Twp.

Election board meetings will be held on an as needed basis, following regular county commissioner meetings.

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