Increased police presence sought in Susquehanna



Dan Kelly,  representing Reddon’s Drug Store, and Matt Warren from Project Keystone, attended the Susquehanna Borough Council’s Feb. 28 meeting.

Kelly was there to ask for police presence in the business district following the attempted robbery at the drug store.

“This was not the first robbery attempt and I am sure it will not be the last,” Kelly said.

With unemployment comes crime, and they are not afraid to come in the middle of the day, Kelly added. “We are not asking for 24/7 protection but to show the public there are patrolmen on duty, as suggested by the stores security company.”

Council members assured Kelly what he was asking was not a problem as this is used in other areas to curb crime and unrest.

Council member Sue Crawford, an employee at SusquehannaCommunityHigh School, said there is the same need at the school complex which is handled by Lanesboro police.

Warren, one of four Project Keystone crisis counselors in the county, was there to make council and those attending the meeting aware of services available to those who have been affected by the latest flooding as well as other disasters.

“We are presently looking for people who need assistance and not aware of the services available,” Warrensaid. “Our aim is to contact people who are having problems, provide them with the help they need as we empower people to do for themselves.”

He added, “Our Community Outreach Specialists will be visiting neighborhoods and community events to offer services and referrals. If anyone knows someone in need of assistance feel free to call us.”

Borough Secretary Diann Robbins suggested Project Keystone have a representative at Home Town Days and Codes Enforcement Officer Mary Weaver was told she should inform people of the services offered by Project Keystone when she sees the need.

During the discussion of CEO Weaver’s report, Councilman Roy Williams said he would like to see Clean-up Days  scheduled.

Council agreed to order cards for Weaver to leave at a residence when no one is home.

Once again there was a discussion on rental property and the lack of maintenance on these properties.

According to Council President Roberta Reddon, 80 percent of rentals are owned by people not living in the borough and could care less how these rentals affect the community.

“Anyone who owns  numerous rentals should have a manager locally,” she said.

It was agreed the rental problems are tough to enforce.

“There are good people who come on their own to take care of their rental fees and then there are those who do everything to evade paying the fees,” Williams said.

Parks and Recreation Chairman John Sholtiss informed council the arrangements are all made for a March 31  Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Susquehanna Community Development Association. Sholtiss’ request  for the initial funding to set up the concession stand was granted.

During a discussion on the Ira Reynolds Park located near the river, it was decided to postpone any decisions pertaining to this land until the DEP report on soil samples has been received.

Mayor Michael Matis, who has announced he is stepping down March 14, gave the police report and presented cost estimates on installing a parking fine payment depository at the Police Department, approximately $180.

It was suggested by former councilman Bill Perry that something be installed in order for policemen to see who is knocking on  the door before they open the door. If installed at the same time as the depository it should cut the cost, Perry said.

Street Commissioner Steve Glover discussed with council the various replacement parts for the department equipment.

Glover informed council he had applied for grant money to pave Pleasant Avenue.

Reddon said she will call Rep. Sandra Major to see what could be done to move the Drinker Creek project forward.

The target date for letting the contract has been set for December.

She reported the Franklin Avenue project is scheduled to be let in April.

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