Harford supervisors reorganize


Harford Township held its reorganization meeting on Monday, Jan. 7.

The minutes of a special meeting held Dec. 18 were read and discussed, as well as those from the Dec. 11 regular meeting, and bill lists and treasurer reports were reviewed and accepted.

There were no changes made to the township supervisor positions.

The special meeting was held because a property transfer was made between the township and John Karakash.

At the Dec. 11 meeting, attorney Charles Wage was present, for the purpose of obtaining the supervisors’ signatures for a property transfer to Karakash.

Years ago, Karakash’s mother gave land to the township for the town water reservoir. However, the building was never completed on the lot, and the existing water authority has decided to transfer its ownership to the township.

While researching the deeds for an agreed upon land swap, a review of the Harford Township ordinance was made, and it was found that the terms of the officers have expired.

Supervisor Garry Foltz made a motion to appoint as members of the board of the Harford Municipal Authority: Conrad Owens, Josephine Gear, and Jacob Rosen, all of Harford, for 5-year terms. The motion passed with three yes votes.

An updated debt statement was needed for the state Department of Community and Economic Development loan, and the documents had been completed by Solicitor Drew Hailstone.

The supervisors recognized and adopted an updated debt statement following proper procedures of requirements for the loan, for the purpose of sewer upgrades.

The supervisors also adopted a resolution to increase sewer rates to $123 per quarter per EDU.

The proposed 2013 budget was also accepted at the Dec. 18 special meeting.

Supervisor Doug Phelps asked if black cinders could be ordered, which were bid earlier this year. The bid was awarded to Al Romanski, and 250 tons would be arranged to have delivered.

Bluestone Pipeline will be making arrangements to deal with the Grinnell/Stephens intersection. Temporary measures will be done now, and permanent repairs will be made in the spring.

During the Jan. 7 meeting, road crossing and driveway permits were reviewed for the Williams pipeline company for Tyler Lake Road, Stephens Road, and Wilcox Road.

The mileage rate reimbursement was established at 56.5 cents effective Jan. 1.


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