Mountain View schools to connect with walkway


Mt. View school board has approved the construction of a sidewalk across its campus, connecting the elementary school and high school.

At their meeting Monday night, Aug. 11, the directors awarded the project to Timz Construction Co. of Kingsley, at a cost of $12,700. The walkway would be 275 ft. long and 6 ft. wide, with a federally mandated ‘rest area’ for wheelchair or other handicapped-accessible use.

The board also approved Timz to reconstruct the concrete pad immediately in front of the high school lobby at the auditorium entrance. Maintenance director Robert Taylor said his crews would install heating pipes under the concrete to prevent future damage from freezing conditions.

In addition, the board will expend $27,347 for the installation of a propane generator to operate the waste treatment facility that serves the campus. Cost of the generator is $18,095, with an installation cost of $9,279 by Leber and Bonham Electrical Contractor.

Coaching appointments included: Erika Lewis of Harford, girls varsity soccer; Evi Nashi of Scranton, girls assistant varsity soccer; and Bobby Pfahl of Nicholson, girls junior high soccer (the previous appointment of Mark Whitehead to that position was rescinded.)

The resignation of elementary school teacher Patricia Brown was accepted, and the board authorized advertising for the position.

High school English teacher Andrea Eten presented an overview of her recent four-day trip to Oxford University in London, where she attended sessions on education techniques conducted by professors and other scholars.

“It was an amazing experience,” Eten stated. “It’s one thing to teach the literature, but it fills in the gaps to have visited places like Shakespeare’s Globe Theater or the site of the Sherlock Holmes stories at 22B Baker Street.”

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