New Milford adopts updated comprehensive plan


New Milford Borough adopted its updated comprehensive plan on Thursday, Sept. 1.

The update took about one and one-half years to complete, and was led by the borough’s planning commission working with plan consultant, Carson Helfrich.

The plan identifies changes that have taken place in the borough over the past 10 to 15 years but also includes goals and objectives for the future.

The borough council is using the comprehensive plan to tackle a list of “action items” related to

community facilities and services, streets and sidewalks, business development, land use, housing, natural resources and land use management.

The borough obtained a grant from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development to pay for half the comprehensive plan.

The Borough is seeking participation from as many residents and business owners as possible and all are encouraged to attend.

Helfrich, who attended the Thursday meeting, said the comprehensive plan utilized survey results from borough residents.

As required by the state planning code, copies of the updated plan were sent to New Milford Twp., the Blue Ridge School District and the Susquehanna County Planning Commission.

The County Planning Commission sent back its formal recommendation that the borough adopt the plan.

Melissa VanZandt, chair of the borough’s planning commission, said Helfrich guided the group through the update. “We spent a lot of time addressing the issues that were concerning people,” she said.

Next up for the borough, is an update to the zoning ordinance, as well as work on the subdivision ordinance.

Following the public hearing, council returned to its regular business meeting.

One resident voiced concern over neighbors who were burning plastic and trash, causing noxious fumes throughout the neighborhood in the evening hours.

Council will have the codes enforcement officer look into the complaint.

The borough approved spending $1,445 to have the pool cover installed and the pool winterized.

Council also gave its approval for the Blue Ridge Triplets football league to bring in one portable light set to be used during practices.

Borough officials are still attempting to figure out how to deal with the feral cat population. It was reported at the meeting that two Maple Street residents said there had been a confrontation with a person who had been feeding the cats.

Council President Rick Ainey said he had received a letter from Leatherstocking Gas Company that said the company was looking to set up a meeting with Blue Ridge School District.

Earlier this year, Leatherstocking representatives said at a council meeting that they would like to reach out to the school district again about possible gas service to the campus.

Ainey also said that construction of garden style apartments by the Housing Authority was expected to begin next year.

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