Resident take drug fight to Susquehanna Boro Council

Alleged ongoing drug and criminal activity happening on an otherwise quiet Susquehanna Borough street has pushed some residents to their limit.
Several Franklin Avenue property owners brought their issues before the borough council on Wednesday, Sept. 14.
“Drug dealers have invaded the neighborhood,” said one resident, who added that the street used to be friendly and his children could play outside. “The lack of law enforcement is a big issue,” he said.
The man said that although the home had been condemned by the borough, people keep returning to the home and have even threatened some others living in the vicinity.
He reported gunshots had been fired by people at the home, and four-wheelers travel the street at a high rate of speed.
The man said numerous calls have been made to both the borough and state police, with little to no response. But he did express appreciation to Ptlm. Creamer who has been responsive to their calls.
The man told council that the situation in the neighborhood is progressing toward violence.
Council President Joe Varsik said they would advise the district attorney’s office of the concerns expressed about state police response. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a 24-hour police department,” he said.
Councilman Roy Williams said he wanted council to come together with the mayor and police to form a better schedule to deal with the incidents. “It’s what the people deserve and need. We can’t let this continue,” he said.
Williams said police patrols were needed at different times, and proper charges needed to be levied.
Another man said the drug problem in the borough goes beyond Franklin Hill to Willow. “(Police) can’t look the other way,” he said. “Guns were shot in a neighborhood and they get away with it.”
With one patrolman on duty, some of the residents said they serve as “back-up” to the officer when he is called to the problem properties.
Councilwoman Sue Crawford said, “All of us know how bad this problem is.”
The Route 92 construction project is also causing issues in the borough. One Erie Avenue resident said a “giant wall of rock” has appeared has been piled; dust from the project is all over his yard; and a pile of scrap has been placed against his property line.
Varsik said the slide repair project had been a “debacle” since its beginning but said council would attempt to get a timeline and update on the progress from PennDOT.
Stone’s Excavating was awarded the bid to complete the East Street Wall project. The bid came in at $28,600.
Williams reported the owner of Drinker Street Beverage plans to rebuild after a fire leveled the business. He said cleanup of the site was expected to begin soon. But Williams said there have been several incidents where people have gone to the site to salvage metals. He asked to increased police patrols in that area.
Williams also said a building on Main Street is in serious disrepair. “It really needs to be demolished,” he said, noting it would likely have to be done by hand because of its proximity to other buildings.

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