Schools face issue with out-of-state prescriptions

Susquehanna Community Superintendent Bronson Stone told board members last week that the district’s Use of Medications policy needed revisions.
Stone said in order for the school nurse to dispense medications to students, the prescriptions must come from a Pennsylvania state licensed medical provided. Effective Dec. 2, only prescriptions written by a PA provider will be acceptable, the superintendent explained.
The district has tried every avenue, Stone told the board, but has been told the prescriptions will have to transition.
“There’s not many within the district, but enough to be problematic,” he said, of the students who have out-of-state medical providers for daily, as well as short-term medicines like antibiotics.
Other border districts are also looking into the matter, confirmed Blue Ridge Superintendent Matthew Button. He said the district solicitor was looking into the matter.
Susquehanna Community does have a NEPA Community Health Center open in its facility during the school year, which could help offset any provider issues.
The board rescinded the “Playoff Resolution” of April 2011 as it relates to the school PIAA athletic teams.
The resolution had provided that only teams that had at least a .500 winning season could move on to playoffs.
Stone said that with the new classification system, Susquehanna teams that have a playoff spot can move into the competition.
The board also discussed the district’s School Performance Profile (SPP) numbers.
Stone said the Junior-Senior High School had the highest ranking of the regional grades 7-12 schools.
The elementary school ranked third of the county schools, he said.
The superintendent spoke about the “true mission” of the district being education. “When it comes to that job,” he said, “we do that job extremely well.”
An Odyssey of the Mind program will be introduced in the elementary grades 4-6. Each grade level will have one team, comprised of seven students.

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