Hester, Lewis 2nd at Holiday Classic

Meteor Joe Hester (126) wrestled his way to a 2nd place medal, leading Montrose to a 9th place finish, at the Tunkhannock Holiday Classic. PHOTO BY BOB BAKER

Meteor Joe Hester (126) wrestled his way to a 2nd place medal, leading Montrose to a 9th place finish, at the Tunkhannock Holiday Classic. PHOTO BY BOB BAKER

Western Wayne finished the tournament in fifth with 120 points to lead all Lackawanna League teams Friday to close out the Holiday Classic Wrestlng Tournament at Tunkhannock Area High School
Montrose took ninth with 98.50 and Blue Ridge finished 25th with 27.5 points, followed by Mountain View in 26th place with 5 points.
Blue Ridge sophomore Fred Lewis (120) and Montrose sophomore Joe Hester (126) earned second place finishes.
For Montrose Jake O’Brien, 120; Joe Hester, 126; and Robert Gregory, 285, competed in the semifinals on Friday, along with Fred Lewis (120) from Blue Ridge.
“Placing 9th as a team and having five medalists at the tough Tunkhannock Holiday Tournament was an accomplishment,” Montrose assistant coach Wade Robinson said. “The kids know what is expected of them to obtain our team goals for the remainder of the season. The execution is up to them.”
Robinson and head coach Matt Hawley were impressed with how well their team responded to each other at the tournament as well.
“Their ability to take the positive from each of their matches be it in wins or losses and the ability to bounce back after tough losses”, Robinson said most impressed him from the tournament.
The Meteors travel to Blue Ridge on Wednesday, Jan. 4, to take on the Raiders and Honesdale.

Jerry Fassett of Elk Lake and Felix Avila of Montrose wrestle at 195.

Team Standings
1. Wyalusing (WYA) 222.50, 2. Wyoming Seminary B (WSB) 188.50, 3. Tunkhannock (TA) 140, 4. Hanover (HAN) 134, 5. Western Wayne (WW) 120, 6. Coughlin (COU) 118.50, 7. West Scranton (WS) 113.50, 8. Valley View (VV) 110, 9. Montrose (MON) 98.50, 10. Scranton Prep (SP) 94, 11. Abington Heights (AH) 90, 12. Mahonoy Area (MA) 82, 13. Pocono Mountain East (PME) 78.50, 14. Canton (CAN) 68.50, Wyoming Area (WA) 68.50, 16. Kutztown (KUTZ) 64, Pocono Mountain West 64, 18. NE Bradford (NEB) 62, 19. Mt. Carmel (MTC) 59, 20. Bradford (BRAD) 53, 21. Elk Lake (EL) 47, 22. Sayre (SAY) 45, 23. Lackawanna Trail (LT) 33, Nanticoke (NAN) 33, 25. Blue Ridge 27.50, 26. Mountain View (MTV) 5.
120: Tyler Vince (WSB) pinned Jake OBrien (MON) in 3:04; Fred Lewis (BR) pinned Yahnzy Ortiz (WS) in 2:29.
126: Joe Hester (MON) pinned Josh Beeman (TA) in 5:14.
285: Dawson Otis (WYA) pinned Robert Gregory (MON) in 0:32.
Consolation semifinals
126: Francisco Lopez (EL) pinned Noah Johnson (AH) in 4:20;
132: Mak Gleckner (CAN) pinned Juan Loboda (EL) in 4:48.
145: Frank Castano (COUG) dec. over Mikyle Fabrizio (MON), 5-1.
160: Matt Ingrassia (SAY) pinned Cole Aukema (MON) in 0:37.
170: Jake Hand (EL) dec. over Ryan Atcavage (WW), 6-4.
120: Jake OBrien (MON) technical fall over Darren Schum (WYA), 2:5.
126: Jake Brown (COUG) pinned Francisco Lopez (EL) in 0:06.
170: Bruce Parola (SP) dec. over Jake Hand (EL), 5-4 in OT.
285: Owen Maryott (NEB) pinned Robert Gregory (MON) in 4:45.

Elk Lake’s Jake Hand (170) takes on Jake Chapman of Mount Carmel. PHOTO BY JOHN LUND

Seventh place
132: Alphonzo Lee (PMW) win by forfeit over Juan Loboda (EL).
145: Mikyle Fabrizio (MON) win by forfeit over Collin Kashataus (NAN).
160: Cole Aukema (MON) pinned Tommy Carroll (SP) in 4:55.
Fifth place
126: Josh Beeman (TA) pinned Francisco Lopez (EL), 2-0.
170: Jake Hand (EL) win by def. over Tyler Fisher (KUTZ).
285: Corey Harrison (COUG) dec. over Robert Gregory (MON), 4-0.
Third place
120: Jake OBrien (MON) pinned Braden Breitharpt (PME) in 5:29 in OT.
120: Tyler Vince (WSB) dec. over Fred Lewis (BR), 13-11.
126: Connor Kievman (WSB) pinned Joe Hester (MON) in 1:59.
Championship Semifinals
120: Jake O’Brien (MON) v. Tyler Vince (WSB); Fred Lewis (BR) v. Yahnzy Ortiz (WS).
126: Joe Hester (MON) v. Josh Beeman (TA).
285: Dawson Otis (WYA) v. Robert Gregory (MON).
120: O’Brien (MONT) pinned Scott Jacoby (AH), 2:59; Lewis (BR) dec. Darren Schum (WYA), 4-0.
126: Hester (MONT) pinned Robin Wrobleski (WA), :46.
132: Baltrusaitis (LT) dec. Chucky Rohan (MONT), 9-8.
145: Keane (BRAD) pinned Mikyle Fabrizio (MONT), 1:43.
160: Jacobi (PME) pinned Cole Aukema (MONT), 5:02.
170: Cole (COUG) dec. Jake Hand (EL), 8-6.
220: Fuller (WW) pinned Justin Kelley (MONT), 1:01.
285: Gregory (MONT) pinned Jaden Hulslander (CAN), :12..
First Round
132: Noah Reasoner (KUTZ) pinned Juan Loboda (EL), 5:24
138: Nate Gutierez (PMW) pinned Alec Martin (BR), :46; Bryan Ryan (MONT) dec. Warren Moran (MV), 6-0; Martin Sivala (SP) dec. Higinio Loboda (EL), 15-11.
145: Shane Weidner (MC) pinned Tom Gudykunst (BR), 1:44; Derek Frederick (WYA) dec. Frank Valentine (MV), 7-1.
152: Jaron Ambrose (BRAD) pinned Cliff Steele (EL), 3:28.
160: Justin Akers (KUTZ) pinned Jarrett Bartlett (MV), 1:36.
182: Mark Lawrence (MA) pinned Tyler Tucker (EL), 4:34.
195: Bobby Fox (PME) dec. Felix Avila (MONT), 5-3; Jerry Fassett (EL) pinned Steven McKenna (PMW), :59.
Second Round
120: O’Brien (MONT) pinned Conner Cherneski (SP), 1:11; Jacoby (AH) dec. Corbin Smith (MV), 5-1; Lewis (BR) tech. fall Mikey Tomesetti (WW), 4:00.
126: Hester (MONT) pinned Sherwood (MV), 1:09; Walsh (WS) dec. Francisco Lopez (EL), 7-4; Kievman (WSB) pinned Nate Barton (BR), :20.
132: Chucky Rohan (MONT) pinned Noah Reasoner (KUTZ), 3:12.
138: D.J. Erickson (HAN) pinned Bryan Ryan (MONT), 2:48.
145 Mikyle Fabrizio (MONT) pinned Shane Weidner (MC), :48.
152: Timmy Ward (CAN) maj. dec. Adam Roe (BR), 11-3.
160: Matt Ingrassia (SAY) pinned Chris Kinder (EL), 5:08; Cole Aukema (MONT) pinned Jeff Weidner (MC), 2:40.
170: Matt Lewandowski (MA) pinned Donald Kelly (MV), 3:55; Ryan Atcavage (WW) pinned Marc Avila (MONT), 4:16.
182: Jake Stephens (TA) pinned Chris Graf (BR), 2:32.
195: Ivan Balavage (SP) pinned Jerry Fassett (EL), :32.
220: Justin Kelley (MONT) pinned Austin McCracken (BRAD), :10; Seth Forbes (NEB) pinned Tyler Bongiorno (EL), 3:50.
285: Robert Gregory (MONT) pinned Jarrett Jervis (TA), :07; Damon Barhight (WA) pinned Cam Welsh (EL), 2:21.
First-Round Consolation
126: Berkoski (MC) pinned Sherwood (MV) in 0:23.
132: Loboda (EL) pinned Johnson (WYA) in 3:26..
138: Novajosky (VV) dec. over Martin (BR), 10-7; Watson (MC) dec. over Moran (MV), 3-2; Ryan (MONT) pinned Karnick (WW) in 1:57; Sharadin (KUTZ) pinned Loboda (EL) 1:22.
145: Banashefski (WA) pinned Gudykunst (BR) in 2:19; Ford (PMW) over Valentine (MV), 6-4.
152: Qualls (COUG) pinned Fabrizio (MONT) in 2:05; Steele (EL) pinned Moyle (LT), 1:58.
160: Smith (COUG) pinned Bartlett (MV), 4:35.
182: Garrity (SAY) pinned Tucker (EL), 1:43.
195: Fassett (EL) pinned Avila (MONT), 4:24.
Second-Round Consolation
120: Smith (MV) pinned Cherneski (SP), 2:05.
126: Johnson (AH) pinned Barton (BR), 4:33; Lopez (EL) pinned Cook (NEB), 2:33.
138: Ellis (NEB) pinned Ryan (MONT), 4:46.
152: Roe (BR) pinned Lawrence (MA), 4:38; Qualls (COUG) pinned Steele (EL), :50.
160: Akers (KUTZ) pinned Kinder (EL), 3:36.
170: Avila (MONT) pinned Clifford (VV), 1:41.
182: Sprague (VV) maj. dec. Graf (BR), 13-3.
195: Brown (NEB) maj. dec. Fassett (EL), 11-2.
220: Walsh (TA) pinned Bongiorno (EL), :59.
285: Shnipes (VV) pinned Welsh (EL), 4:57.
Consolation Quarterfinals
113: Sindoni (SAY) dec. McArthur (BR), 4-2.
120: Schum (WYA) maj. dec. Smith (MV), 13-0.
126: Lopez (EL) pinned Wrobleski (WA), 1:28.
132: Loboda (EL) by forfeit; Gleckner (CAN) maj. dec. Rohan (MONT), 18-8.
145: Fabrizio (MONT) dec. DAppalinio (SP), 4-0.
152: McDonald (MC) dec. Roe (BR), 11-9.
160: Aukema (MONT) pinned Langan (AH), 2:54.
170: Seymour (WS) pinned Avila (MONT), 2:41; Hand (EL) pinned Polit-Moran (WA).
220: Worsnick (WS) pinned Kelley (MONT), 2:29.
Susquehanna County Independent Correspondent John Michael Zawiski contributed to this report.

Meteor Joe Hester (126) wrestled his way to a 2nd place medal, leading Montrose to a 9th place finish, at the Tunkhannock Holiday Classic. PHOTO BY BOB BAKER

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