BR board accepts resignation

The Blue Ridge Board of Education accepted, with regret, the resignation of school director Christina Whitney at the Monday, Feb. 27 board meeting.
Whitney, who represented New Milford Borough on the board, tendered her resignation following the Feb. 6 school board meeting.
Superintendent Matthew Button said he expected the board would be appointing someone to fill the vacancy.
The only other business matter before the board Monday was the reappointment of school director Harold Empett to represent Blue Ridge on the NEIU #19 Board from July 1 through June 30, 2020.
Board members did receive the 2015-16 audit report, with auditor Michael Dougherty noting the district added to its fund balance for the year by keeping expenditures under the revenue.
The district’s entire $6.4 million fund balance is committed to future pension and health insurance costs and obligations, as well as debt service and capital improvements.
As in other districts, Dougherty noted the Blue Ridge’s rising pension liability, up $1.3 million over last year.
He said Blue Ridge was following a “good fiscal path” and was “enviable” because it does have a fund balance.
Dougherty said the challenge of financing education will continue.
The board will vote to accept the audit at its March 6 business meeting.
The board also discussed work on the school’s water well. Currently, two members of the maintenance staff are filling the 6,000-gallon holding tank two times each day. The school utilizes 10,000-12,000 gallons of water each day.
Button said DEP is monitoring the work on the well project.

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