Mt. View receives insurance audit refund

Mountain View School Board reviewed a presentation on the curriculum budget during their meeting Monday, April 24, and received a pleasant surprise of an update concerning the district’s insurance audit.
Business manager Thomas Witiak updated the board on the audit findings, and said that the insurance programs are routinely audited on a biannual or triannual basis. He said that the state reported they had only been analyzing assets, and that when they audited thoroughly they realized the school was due a refund. “The refund check arrived
today, for about $607,000,” he said.
Board members praised him for his ability to “find money” for the district, and joked that he might be due for a raise.
Curriculum director Christopher Lake gave a brief presentation on his part of the 2017-18 budget, which is similar to last year’s, and noted that progress is being made in several areas of the district curriculum. He said that outlines are being completed now for the World Language curriculum. The science and mathematics curriculum is also being updated, and should be completed by the end of the year. He noted that the science and math curriculum was last approved by the state in 2002, and was updated in 2009. Now, a new science curriculum is being added.
He said that training will be held for the Carnegie curriculum on Aug. 30 to ready faculty for the next school year, and that Susquehanna Community and Forest City faculty members will be coming to Mountain View to join in the training seminars.
Lake said that the 2002 science and math curriculum was English/Language Arts oriented. He noted that the 21st Century program, which has funded many innovative programs including this year’s summer school, is being changed. “The 21st Century funding is going away. We are going through the IU19 for funding, but soon it will be going only to schools eligible by SVP scores,” he said. “A major part of the 21st Century’s aim is for socialization for these students, and it has been successful, with many of these students going on to participate in sports and other school activities they might not have otherwise.”
Veronica Thomas, a student support aide, said, “I want to compliment (board member) Mr. David Schulte for his visits to the sixth grade classes with his expensive microscopes. The students have really enjoyed it, and are learning a lot.” Schulte praised the students for following directions, and noted that when he instructed them on staining samples for slides, none of them stained their clothing.
The district will advertise to hire for a 260-day custodial position with a salary of $11.20 per hour and benefits per MVESPA agreement with an anticipated start date of July 1.
Superintendent Karen Voigt was not present for the meeting.
The district will participate for the first time in the Children’s Produce Market, a program available to all families with a child attending Mountain View School District, on Tuesday, May 23, from 3:30 to 6 p.m. This is a program provided through the Commission for Economic Opportunity and the Weinburg Northeast Regional Food Bank.
The produce market will be available at the rear doors of the high school cafeteria. No income proof is necessary, but families must register by May 17. The program will provide free produce, milk, eggs and other foods.

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