DEP reviewing transfer station plans

Bridgewater Township supervisors were notified that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has accepted the proposal package for the Diaz transfer station, At the township meeting held Monday, May 1, it was noted that the letter from DEP said that there is sufficient detail in the plan for the agency to conduct a technical review of the proposed transfer station, and that a review of the content of the application will now begin.
Two supervisors and the township secretary attended the recent PSATS conference, and learned about drone regulations, pension plans, and township codes and ordinances. The township will be looking into drafting a local ordinance regulating the use of drones. Since there are businesses, homes, a prison and recycling center located in the township, drone activity ordinance violations can be enforced by police, much like trespassing.
The supervisors approved the purchase of a Jamar Technologies Data Analyzer, including software, at a total price of $1,793. This portable instrument measures distance and can do surveying and other tasks. They have been looking into purchasing this piece of equipment for two years. A new laptop will also be necessary. Township
Secretary Connie Ely will check into purchasing the laptop.
The township’s recently purchased truck needs a new transmission, which caused some consternation among the supervisors. The truck is “brand new” and only had 112 miles on it, they said.
John Seamans will be surveying the Chipmunk Lane extension on a vacated portion of Scott Road. A title search is being conducted.
Pipe is being replaced on Petersen Road. A culvert on Wood Road is in need of repair. Another large pipe was said to be full of sticks, apparently the work of an industrious beaver.
The supervisors adopted resolution regarding public meeting conduct at the April 17 meeting.
Frank Spickerman was appointed to the Bridgewater Township Municipal Authority board to replace Maynard Upright.
During Monday night’s meeting, the supervisors noted that they learned at the PSATS meeting that a resolution is necessary to take down a tree. A hemlock 22 inches in diameter is partly uprooted, and another close by, 12 inches in diameter, is diseased. The supervisors drafted and approved a resolution to remove both trees.
Bridgewater Township meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. Bridgewater Township Municipal Authority meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

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