Bridgewater pays off grader with Impact funds

Bridgewater Township received notice of Act 13 Impact Fee funds for 2016, which will be in the amount of $454,942.81, it was announced at the supervisors’ meeting on Wednesday, July 5.
The supervisors approved paying the balance off on the 2016 grader using about $150,300 from Act 13 Impact Fee funds. This was the only thing the township currently owed money on, supervisors said.
A beaver dam was breached on a steam near Petersen Road in Bridgewater Township, resulting in property damage, supervisors said. The township is not responsible for the damages.
The proposed location for the fiberoptic line poles is not far enough from the road. Supervisor Charles Mead will contact Vito Communications for resolution of this issue.
Culvert pipes for Bolles Road and Reynold’s Pond Road were delivered. The pipe and road materials were paid for out of the township’s liquid fuels fund.
A letter was received from the Susquehanna County Election Board. The supervisors agreed that after the November election, they do not want to use the township building as a polling place, citing the population of the township and the lack of adequate parking posing a public safety issue.
Spectrum Cable wanted to set up poles on Williams Pond Road, but they are not a public utility.
Renting out a room in a residence was discussed by the supervisors. A permit is not needed to rent out a room, but no more than two rooms can be rented without a permit. There may be a need for a change of use from residential to residential/renter. At this point, the township does not have a renters’ ordinance, but is considering adopting one and is reviewing renter ordinances as the condition of some rental properties is a common complaint. The supervisors did receive complaints about two rental units, with those turned over to codes enforcement.
Storm damage on Turnpike Road has been repaired.
Charles Mead made a motion to give Charles Rosengrant a $1 increase based on merit, starting from the June 29 pay date. Kirk Heffner seconded the motion. Jerry Molfetus was hired by the township as a temporary employee at the rate of $13 per hour.
The supervisors approved a partial payment of $64,230.65 for work completed on the Wood Road project to Ken Rauch Excavating.
Although the township advertised for bids for a Hospital Drive and Lake Shore Drive oil and chip project, no bids were received. They will advertise again for bids for paving in early 2018. The township’s paver is currently broken.
Rex Catlin of Endless Mountains Health Systems contacted the township about erecting a billboard advertising the hospital on SR 706. The township does not have a sign ordinance. The billboard is planned for a location on a bank above the road, and will not interfere with drivers’ line of sight. He was advised to check with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation about their rules regarding billboards.
A drainage issue on Pennfield Road was mentioned. Attorney Mike Giangreco, the solicitor, advised the township to work it out with the property owners.
A permit was issued for a garage at 1879 Chenango Street.
The township noted that several signs have been stolen.
A Bridgewater Township Municipal Authority meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, July 11.
A worksheet for recording mileage for township employees called out for road or tree complaints was discussed.
Township Secretary Connie Ely said that dumpsters will be arriving on July 13 in preparation for a cleanup and recycling program on July 14 and 15. Electronics recycling will be available, through a company from Minersville.
The most recent load of 2A stone material from Lopke was not as high quality as usual and contained an unusual amount of dirt.

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