County reaches settlement with XNG

Susquehanna County reached an agreement with XNG after the company submitted a sound study that complies with the county’s requirements.
Commissioner Alan Hall said that, in addition to complying with the noise provision for compressor stations in the county’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO), the company also agreed to a lump sum settlement of $10,000.
The county had brought a suit against the company and was asking for XNG to pay $500 per day going back to February when the facility became operational.
The sound study for the Forest Lake Twp. site was submitted to the county on Friday, July 7, Hall said, and the lawsuit was withdrawn.
Hall also noted that the Planning Commission had given XN G until July 21 to come into compliance.
But on the morning of July 12, an XNG truck went into a ditch along the North Road and was partially on its side, Hall said at the commissioners’ meeting that morning.
He said emergency services was on the scene, and neighboring residents had been evacuated and electrical power had been cut as a precaution. Hall reported that there was no leaking fluid from the vehicle and that no one was injured.
The crash closed down a portion of the roadway for over an hour.
Hall said he was going to speak with the District Attorney to ask if police enforcement could be “stepped up” in that area, noting it is a “bad road for trucks.”
According to Hall, the county’s Emergency Management personnel responded to the incident but was turned away by the Forest Lake Fire Chief.
Hall questioned the responder’s handling of the incident, and said the person was also an employee of XNG. And said he would like the handling of the incident investigated to see if any charges are in order.
The majority of construction work in the new section of the courthouse is complete – with personnel moved into the new offices.
Hall said it would be about two more weeks for the project to be completed, with stonework and glasswork finished.
Upon completion, the commissioners will schedule an open house event.
More work is, however, needed to county facilities, including replacing the clock tower wood, and repairs from a long-ago fire that damaged the roof and was not repaired.
The county office building also needs work to its air conditioning units; and there is blacktop work needed at the county jail.
The commissioners plan to meet with the consultant for the Comprehensive Plan update after he finishes sorting and tallying responses to the county survey.
Hall said the survey results and other input gathered by the county will help direct the focus and priorities of the county plan.
The Susquehanna County Commissioners meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 9 a.m., in the commissioners’ meeting room, in the courthouse in Montrose. The next meeting is scheduled for July 26.

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  1. Concerned citizen | July 28, 2017 at 5:37 am | Reply

    I find it odd that EMA(Emergency management) responded to this accident scene after it was determined, they were not needed. If Mr.Hall is going to use county resources(EMA), to take photographs of an accident scene for his personal whims, when said, units are not needed there. I question his abuse and misuse of a valuable county asset. EMA personal were totally unprofessional. They never reported to the incident commander,for accountability.So they were NOT requested, and became a liability on the scene, and thus they were asked to leave. On another note. I guess Mr.Hall thinks that volunteer fire/ems personal don’t need to pay bills or put food on the table. Since when is it a crime to have a job and volunteer? There was no conflict of interest as the Chief was NOT the incident commander that day. To me a conflict of interest is sending EMA out to a scene, where they are not needed, nor requested. To take photographs for your personal crusade against a company. Having EMA personal lie and create an air of dis trust to area fire companies. WHY wasn’t EMA sent out to snake creek to help the families that had to be evacuated during the flooding? WHY isn’t EMA sent out to every call where the road is closed for more then an hour? two residence were evacuated., during the time period the trailer was being upright and strictly as a precaution in the event that it started to leak. Not during the whole incident.

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