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The Independence Day races drew over 330 runners to Montrose on Tuesday, July 4, for the annual 10K and 5K road races.
Steven Esposito, 27, of Binghamton, N.Y., was the men’s overall winner of the 10K race with a time of 35.54.50; he was followed across the finish line by Vincent Putrino, 18, also of Binghamton, with a time of 36:37:40.
Rounding out the top five in the men’s division was Philip Maynard, 33, of Montrose; Shawn Horan, 35, of Binghamton; and Dan Toye, 29, of Montrose.
Casondra Hamilton, 34, of Binghamton, was the women’s overall winner in the 10K with a time of 43:33:50; she was followed across the line by Cathy Dragwa, 45, of Mayfield, at the 44:23:63 mark.
Completing the top five in the women’s division were Kara Gorgas, 28, of Binghamton; Naomi Warner, 34, of Reston, Va.; and Jen Fancher, 37, of Montrose.
In the men’s 5K, John Salva, 25, of Conklin, N.Y., posted the win with a time of 16:38:69; he was followed by Zachary Mead, 18, of Montrose, with a time of 16:57:91.
Mead was followed across the finish line by his fellow Montrose Area High School Cross Country teammates who rounded out the top five in the men’s race: Owen Brewer, 18, Montrose; Brandon Curley, 17, Montrose; and Liam Mead, 16, Montrose.
In the women’s 5K, Montrose Area cross country runner Hannah Perkins, 14, of Hallstead, took the overall win with a time of 19:18:23. She was followed by Elk Lake runner Keri Jones, 19, of Friendsville, who posted a time of 21:02:26.
The top five 5K women’s division was rounded out by Kathy Grausgruber, 33, of Susquehanna; Paige Brewer, 12, of Montrose; and Mimi Deaing, 31, of Warren Center.
The top three runners is each division were also recognized with medals.
Timing of the races was handled by Fast Track Timing. Complete results are posted on the website:

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