19 complete SCCTC nursing program

Valedictorian William Quick gets a hug from his wife Allison and their daughter Charlotte (Charly) following the commencement ceremony at SCCTC.

Valedictorian William Quick gets a hug from his wife Allison and their daughter Charlotte (Charly) following the commencement ceremony at SCCTC.

The medical profession gained 19 new practical nurses on Friday at the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program Commencement.
Receiving diplomas of practical nursing were: Julia Ann Amorino, Friendsville; Courtney Cannon, Nicholson; Alison Dirmeitis Maisonave, Montrose; Ashley Blair Ehrenberg, Hallstead; Carolea Marie Faulkner, Binghamton, N.Y.; Michael Flynn Jr.., Montrose; Amber Fontine, Laceyville; Mikayla Holinej, Lawton; Bobbi Mae Kelder, Springville; Mary Helen Kemmerer, Susquehanna; Sydney Marie Larsen, Susquehanna; Megan Leamon, Montrose; Jennifer Long, Nicholson; Kristina Neale, Vestal,

Bobbi Mae Kelder stands with her mother Laurie Kelder after obtaining her licensed practical nursing degree at SCCTC. Sitting with mom is Bobbi Kelder’s son, Robert Douglas, 3.

N.Y.; Courtney Nystrand, Mehoopany; Kelly Marie Oliver, Springville; William Howard Quick, Montrose; Misty Slater, Susquehanna; and Jenna Wright, Tunkhannock.
Salutatorian was Jenna Wright and Valedictorian was William Quick.
The welcome was made by SCCTC Executive Director Alice Davis, who praised the effort of the class for meeting all challenges and exceeding everyone’s expectations.
Remarks were made by school board president Eric Emmerich, who said he is proud to be one of the people who supported establishing a nursing program at SCCTC.
“When my wife and I go for medical treatment, it’s nice to know there will be more professional people there, ready to provide service,” he said.
LPN Myriah Crane, graduate of the March Class of 2017, provided the Address to the Candidates.
In the six months that I’ve graduated, I’ve become licensed to practice in two states, and hold a job in each one,” she explained.
In that time period, she’s seen many things, and put the skills she learned at SCCTC to good use, Crane told the evening’s graduates.
The most important thing she could recommend, Crane said, is to avoid taking the easy course of action by just attempting to fit in where ever they go.
“Try to find something that fits you instead,” she said.
Clinical Supervisor Karen Killian also addressed the students, recalling many humorous moments during the course of their studies.
“There was a time when one of you asked me if one of the anatomical dummies was male or female,” she recalled. “And I said I didn’t know either.”
Many times during classes, students would come up and ask questions that were outside the lesson plan. “It was encouraging, because it meant you were digging deeper than what you were learning in the lesson books,” she said.
Special Awards were presented to the following people:
*Kristina Neale – Florence Nightingale Award.
*Mikayla Holinej – Mary Breckinridge Award.
*Kelly Marie Oliver – Virginia Henderson Award.
*Mary Helen Kemmerer – Clara Barton Award.
*Jenna Wright – Edith Davell Award.
*Ashley Blair Ehrenberg – Anna Maxwell Award.
Wright spoke about how they had all worked together as a class to get to this moment. Although there were times when it was very frustrating, they all managed to hang in there to accomplish their goals.
“One of the best moments was watching two beautiful babies being born at Robert Packer Hospital,” she said.
Valedictorian Quick thanked his family – particularly his wife and daughter – for their support while he was working on his certification.
“One of the things my daughter Charly told me when I went off to classes was ‘Make sure you don’t kill anyone today, Daddy,’ he said. “I think that pretty much sums it up. I also want to thank my wife Allison for being there for me, and being such a wonderful wife.”
Conferring of the diplomas and pins was performed by Emmerich, Denise Gieski, RN, and Christopher Drake, RN. A rose presentation was facilitated by Killian and Chelsea Lunger, RN.

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