Mt. View awards bids

The Mountain View School Board awarded contracts to bidders for fuel oil, wood fuel, snow removal and paper, after reviewing recommendations by Maintenance Director Bob Taylor.

The low qualified bid for wood fuel for the district’s woodburning furnace/boiler was awarded again to RGM Hardwoods at $29 per ton. This is cheaper than RGM’s price of $34 per ton for the last school year, it was noted.

The bid for snow removal for the 2017-18 school year was awarded to Stoney Creek Property Services in the amount of $79 per hour. Although the bid was the same as that of Mike Daniels, who held the contract last year and did a good job, the bid was awarded to Stoney Creek because they have newer plowing equipment.

The bid for office paper was approved for CBG out of Uniontown, Ohio, in the amount of $22.32 per 10 ream case. Taylor noted that this company has been supplying paper to the district for years but the company name has changed.

Five requests for quotes (RFQs) for energy savings programs have been received by the district, Taylor reported. The district advertised for quotes from companies who perform advanced energy audits, propose specific products or services to save energy costs, and update equipment and infrastructure.

The board voted to authorize the 2017-18 budget timeline and associated mandatory advertising, as presented.

The board approved advertising to fill a paraprofessional position.


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