Act 13 funds used to reduce Bridgewater property taxes

Bridgewater Township Supervisors adopted a resolution setting tax rates and frontage charges for 2018 at Monday’s township meeting. The tax schedule will be advertised during the week of Nov. 13.
According to Resolution 53-2017, taxes for the township are as follows:
Real Estate: 2.6 mil for general, 1 mil for equipment, and 1.35 mil for fire protection, totaling 4.95 mil.
Act 13 funds allow for a deduction of 1.60 mils for the General Real Estate Tax.
The Earned Income Tax (EIT) is set at 1.0 mil.
Street light tax, where applicable, was set at .38 per frontage foot for already developed properties, and .11 per frontage foot for undeveloped.
Fire hydrant tax, where applicable, was set at .12 per frontage foot.
Included in the Treasurer’s Report was an account of how the township’s Act 13 Impact Fee funding will be used for reporting year 2016. Funds received in impact fees totaled nearly $454,943. The township deposited $100,000 in its Capital Reserve fund; and about $146,000 was used to pay off the John Deere grader; and over $97,344 was used to reduce property taxes. Insinger Excavating Inc. was paid about $17,755 for work in the township.
The balance in the Act 13 account is currently just over $93,761.
Charles Rosencrantz was approved for a promotion to permanent full-time employee status.
Correspondence was received from Dawn Arnold, who is running unopposed for tax collector and therefore cannot continue as a township auditor. She thanked the township for the opportunity to serve.
“She has done a fantastic job as auditor,” Supervisor Charles Mead said. At the Oct. 16 meeting, supervisors approved reimbursing Arnold for tax collector courses she has taken.
Cheryl Myers was appointed to fill the auditor position vacated by Arnold.
*Street lights were approved for both entrances to Hospital Drive at the Oct. 16 meeting. Penelec provided a quote for two street lights and said that they had received approval to put them up, Mead said.
*Vestal Asphalt submitted a quote for the crack-sealing repair on Hospital Drive.
*Regarding the Chipmunk Lane project, one resident still has not signed an easement.
*The PA Department of Environmental Protection notified the township regarding the proposed transfer station. DEP would like owner Adam Diaz to provide information on possible assistance he may provide to help maintain the township road, such as oil and chipping, etc.
*A new single axle dump truck has been ordered, supervisors said.
*The 2018 budget has been prepared and will be advertised.
*Puzo Road trimming should be done before winter.
*Supervisors will be meeting with Clearwater at the request of J.P. Reilly regarding the hauling of shot rock out of a quarry down to a gas well pad, and the need for an agreement about road maintenance.
*The supervisors discussed purchasing hoodies with a Bridgewater Township logo for township employees at a cost of $19.99 each. This was approved.
*A state bill passed concerning the exemption of volunteer firemen and other first responders from some taxes, Mead said. “We will have to determine what percentage of the EIT will be forgiven for firemen and other first responders,” he said. This was tabled until more information is received.

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