Montrose Boro looks at parade safety


It’s not yet Halloween, but some safety changes may be coming for next year’s 4th of July parade in Montrose.

Ed Dewitt, member of the Montrose Area Kiwanis Club, visited the Montrose Borough Council meeting Monday, Oct. 1, with concerns about how candy is being thrown to the crowds along the route.

“The worst thing that can happen would be for a little kid to get hurt,” Dewitt said. “We’re looking for ways to try to help and prevent that.”

After this year’s parade, several members of both the Kiwanis and Lions clubs noted instances of small children going into the street in front of parade vehicles.

Dewitt said groups wanting to give out parade treats are asked to have walkers, near the crowds at the curb, distributing candy. That polite “ask” may turn into a rule once a plan for next year’s parade is finalized.

Council offered up some potential ways to work toward bringing about a safer parade experience, agreeing that “walkers” to distribute candy – provided they are at the crowd-line and not in the middle of the street – would work.

Council set Halloween trick-or-treat hours for 5-8 p.m.; with a 9 p.m. curfew.

Discussion was also held about a ferel cat situation in the Cliff Street area.

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