Montrose board member resigns seat

The resignation of a Montrose Area school director was accepted by the board at the Monday, Oct. 8 meeting.

Amy Lyden resigned her seat, effective Sept. 19. Lyden represented Region 1, Montrose Borough and Jessup Twp. She also served as the vice president of the board.

Board member Richard Jordan said, “I think the circumstances resulting in (Lyden’s) resignation were uncalled for,” but did not elaborate on the point.

Superintendent Chris McComb offered his thanks and appreciation to Lyden for her time and dedication to the board.

Board President Mary Homan also thanked Lyden for her service, noting the two did not always agree, but for Lyden is was “all about the kids – always.”

The board is looking for candidates from Region 1 to fill the vacancy. Letters of interest will be accepted by the board until Oct. 19; and an interview of prospective members is slated for Oct. 24; with a new board member likely to take the seat at the November meeting.

Jordan was nominated to take the vice president role on the board until the reorganization meeting scheduled to be held Monday, Dec. 3.

In the business meeting, the board approved a dual enrollment agreement with Keystone College for the 2018-19 school year.

Coaches for the winter and spring seasons were appointed, with the board holding two approvals.

McComb said a board member had questions on whether an hourly employee could take a position with a stipend, or if that would, in effect, lead to overtime for the employee.

Three Learning Center Aides were hired by the board: Janelle Leonard, Choconut Valley; Christine Burts, Lathrop Street; and Joan Burman, Junior-Senior High School.

Several more names were added to the support staff substitute list. McComb said he is continuing to try to build up the sub list in order to provide students with necessary services.

The board tabled the Act 93 Administrative Compensation Plan, submitted as retroactive to July 1 to run through to June 30, 2021.

In the work session, the board watched a student video, created by Nicholas Robinson, pitching the addition of a Chess Club at the high school. The board gave its nod of approval to adding the club.





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