Police investigate threatening calls made to tavern staff

Staff members working at a local tavern were on the receiving end of a series of alarming telephone calls that occurred over the last week of March and the first week of April. Threats made in the calls, however, were not found to be credible.

According to a Pennsylvania State Police, Gibson barracks report, staff members at the Choconut Inn in Choconut Twp. received a dozen telephone calls from a blocked number reporting strange activity in the area.

On April 6, the threats reached their peak when the caller reported that man who was armed with a gun was coming to kill staff members, rob the bar, and burn down a home.

Upon receiving the call, the bar initiated security procedures and troopers arrived and secured the scene. An investigation into the source of the call was also launched by police.

Police discovered the caller was a “scorned” former Brackney area resident that had become intoxicated by medication who had made the calls in an attempt to attack the reputation of a family member residing on a road near the bar.

The investigation also determined that the threats were not credible.

Pennsylvania State Police were assisted by the Vestal, N.Y., Police Dept.

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