Bridgewater supervisors discuss the use of ‘jke brakes’

Bridgewater Township Supervisors discussed whether to prohibit the use of brake retarders on Meshoppen Creek Road during their Monday, May 6 meeting after a resident asked them to ban the “jake brakes” before a local gas industry company brings in drilling rigs.

The resident said that he has spoken to an industry spokesperson and was told that rigs will be getting to that part of the township by December.

The supervisors discussed whether an ordinance to prevent the use of noisy brake retarders would be a good idea, and said that the long, fairly steep grade may pose a safety issue.

“Every time I’m on that road, I use mine,” Supervisor Kirk Heffner said. “They won’t let you enforce that kind of ordinance if the hill is too steep, and it’s a long hill, too.”

The supervisors tabled moving ahead with an ordinance in order to do more investigation of the issues involved.

At the April 22 meeting, the supervisors voted $1 million from the township’s Peoples Security Bank’s Capital Reserve Fund to PLGIT; $400,000 would have been deposited in the Capital Reserve money market account, $200,000 placed in a six-month CD, $200,000 in a one-year CD, and $200,000 in a 2-year CD, Kenneth Mead seconded the motion.

However, after that meeting, the supervisors learned of fees involved with the various transactions. Therefore, at Monday’s meeting, that decision was amended, and the $1 million was allocated in the following manner: $500,000 was placed in a Capital Reserve money market account, and $500,000 was placed in a 2-year CD.

Two permits were reviewed during Monday’s meeting. An assessment permit was approved for David Zona for a garage, and a peddler’s permit was approved for Pecos Bill BarBQ. Peddler’s permits are reviewed annually, and a monthly fee is assessed for the months when the business will be active.

The supervisors had sought bids on dumpster prices for the township clean-up days, to be held June 28-29. Two bids were received, one from Diaz Disposals and another from  Waste Management. Diaz’s bid was for a hauling fee of $200 per container plus a charge of $62 for each ton of material collected. Waste Management’s bid was for $150 per container plus $579.35 for up to three tons of material in the dumpster. The supervisors decided to contract with Diaz Disposals.

Electronics will be collected by Responsible Recycling Services (RRS) out of Kutztown. Monitors and screens will be collected at a fee of 59 cents per pound, and everything else will cost 19 cents per pound. The RRS company does the Wyoming County Recycling program and has a detailed list of many items it can take to recycle.

The supervisors decided to contract with RRS this year rather than haul the items to a federal prison collection point, because the prison cannot accept CRT TVs and monitors, and about 70 percent of the electronics typically received are CRT items.

“That price is more than double what we’ve been paying. When Commissioner Alan Hall stops by, we should tell him that this is something our county can get involved with,” Ely said.

During the Clean-Up Days, the township will accept white appliances, batteries, furniture, metals, etc. The township will not accept household garbage, grease, oils, hazardous wastes, and no liquids of any kind.

Containers will be located behind the Bridgewater Township Building.

Bridgewater Township residents may bring items to the township building between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the above listed days. Price per pickup truck size load will be $35 per load, per household, and payment must be made before unloading. The township will determine the load.

For those residents not able to bring items to the township building, arrangements can be made for pick up at your home can be made by contacting Bridgewater Township at (570)278-1773 before June 26. Waste tires can be dropped off on June 29 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tire pricing will be listed in a June 5 advertisement.

The supervisors agreed to donate $200 to the Montrose Minute Men.

The supervisors discussed the Susquehanna County Municipal Emergency Operations Plan, and adopted Resolution 59-2019, so that in the event of a technological emergency the township could be eligible to receive funding.

The township has been culling through its records and is ready to dispose of documents according to the municipal records manual, Ely said.

The cinder bid was awarded to Ron Kiefer at $16.30 per yard.

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