Montrose okays zoning change

Over the past several months, Montrose Borough Council has been working to make adjustments and improvements to the town zoning ordinance and map.

Council held a public hearing Monday, Aug. 5, on an amendment to the zoning map for two properties on Hollister Drive.

With no questions or concerns expressed by council or those attending the meeting, the map change was approved.

Council is also moving forward with plans to make some zoning changes on Grow Avenue/Church Street – identifying the corridor as the main thoroughfare running through the borough.

One area of potential business and economic growth near properties already zoned Commercial has been identified.

Council is moving forward with an ordinance that would change the zoning of the site where the former hospital, clinic and pharmacy were located on Grow Avenue.

The proposed change would also encompass the existing United Methodist Church building with a change from a Residential to a Commercial district.

Earlier this year, representatives from the church and Susquehanna County Interfaith had approached council, asking if a “conditional use” for the building could remain in place if Interfaith were to take ownership of the building.

Instead of continuing with the conditional use, the request prompted council to move to address areas of the zoning ordinance and map where they felt adjustments were needed.

Council voted to follow the procedure to make the zoning changes set forth by the solicitor. A public hearing on the ordinance amendment is expected to take place during the October borough council meeting.

Council approved signing agreements with NEIC for both the property maintenance administration and enforcement and UCC administration and enforcement.

Councilman Tom Follert said he believed funding has been secured to get new holiday decorations for Public Avenue, adding the borough would need a space to thank the donor for the significant investment.

With another donation made last year, three pole decorations were purchased for the borough.

Councilwoman Judy Kelly reported the South Main Street project is expected to get underway. She said work was supposed to have started the day of the meeting.

Council will also be looking to secure a community development block grant for sidewalks and plan to first focus their efforts on Chenango Street.

Public trash receptacles for events in the borough were also discussed.

Council members expressed concern that receptacles left on the street would be “abused” with some residents using them to dispose of their household garbage.

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