Susq. Boro plans public meeting for park update

Susquehanna Borough Council plans to hold a public meeting on Oct. 11 to provide an update on the Ira Reynold Riverside Park project.

Council President Roy Williams said the electrical work at the park is slated to begin Sept. 30, and will be followed by the work on the walking track and fencing.

He also said the borough plans to meet with representatives from the railroad to discuss the crossing. “There are a lot of moving parts to this project,” Williams said.

Mike Matis was in attendance with members of Boy Scout Troop 81. He  complimented the borough on the park project saying, “Nice job. It’s been a long time coming. People have no idea the amount of red tape there is.”

Williams said he expected the grand opening of the park to be held in the spring of next year.

Williams also reported that the street in front of the Susquehanna Transcipt building will remain closed for the time-being. He said talks are happening between the affected buildings’ owners and insurance company. He also noted that the fire marshal had not yet finished the investigation.

Williams said the structure is not stable and there is a concern that vibrations from vehicle traffic could cause the remaining structure to come down. “It is an imminent danger,” he said.

Williams offered his public thanks to the Susquehanna Fire Department, as well as other fire companies that responded to the fire. “They did a wonderful job,” he said, calling the saving of the rest of the nearby structures, “monumental work.”

Council is moving forward to add a Junior Council member and expects to “swear in” the teen at the October meeting.

Activities director Valerie Senese reported a number of events happening in the town, including the continuation of Friday evening family-friendly events.

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