Resource Center offers recovery, community services

A Recovery Day advocacy event held last week at Trehab’s Community Resource Center in Montrose highlighted services available in Susquehanna County.

The center offers consolidated services for people in recovery and their families, including wellness programs – including yoga classes – and a workforce center.

Barbara Durkin, director of the Lackawanna/Susquehanna Office of Drug & Alcohol Programs, said, “It’s important to do some sort of recognition. People can –and do – recover.” She said the motto of the month: “Together We Are Stronger,” is paramount in the recovery movement.

One of the biggest challenges in the county is the perception that there aren’t services available. “I don’t believe there is a lack of resources,” Durkin said. “I believe there is a lack of knowledge about services.

Commissioner MaryAnn Warren said the event was part of an effort to let people know about available services in the county.

Susquehanna County Public Defender Linda LaBarbera said, “I will tell you the services provided at the Resource Center are greatly appreciated by my clients. I recommend (the center) every single day.”

She also said she knows people are utilizing the Resource Center. “It is something that the community sorely needed,” she offered. LaBarbera said the center offers people “the best opportunity to be successful.”

Andrew Coolbaugh, Resource Center Project Volunteer Coordinator and Certified Recovery Specialist, said, “We meet the person where they are, assess their needs and see where we can refer them from there.”

The Resource Center is helping people stuck in a cycle of addiction and incarceration. After utilizing services at the center, “We see more people with sustained long-term recovery,” Coolbaugh said.

“All in all, it’s been a great benefit to the community,” offered Trehab Executive Director Dennis Phelps.

Commissioner Elizabeth Arnold said she was thankful to have the Resource Center in the community.

And, the center in Montrose is just the start. An expansion to the Susquehanna Depot area is planned. Warren said that with transportation as a hindrance for some looking for services, “(Susquehanna is) the ideal location to go next.”

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