Kemble’s former attorneys deny deposition allegations

The attorneys named in a suit filed in 2017 by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation are disputing information their former client Raymond Kemble offered in a deposition.

As arguments in the suit moved forward Friday afternoon in Susquehanna County Court, the lawyer for Missouri-based lawyer Charles Speer and Pennsylvania attorneys Clancy Boylan and Edward Ciaramboli argued his clients should not have to produce documents relating to possible punitive damages at this point in the case.

In 2017, Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., of Houston, Texas, sued Kemble, of Dimock Twp., for bad mouthing the company in violation of an agreement he signed as part of a settlement in an earlier lawsuit against Cabot for polluting his property.

In its lawsuit against Kemble, Cabot alleged that attorney Speer teamed up with Boylan and Ciaramboli in 2012 to commence nuisance claims against natural gas operators in Pennsylvania. Cabot sued Kemble after the attorneys’ lawsuit was dismissed as frivolous earlier that year.

Cabot is looking for the lawyer-defendants to produce federal tax returns, bank records, and their net worth from 2013 to the present.

Their attorney said the request is “premature” because his clients have not yet been deposed for the suit.

He also said emails and other documents from his clients to Kemble “all out debunks testimony offered by Mr. Kemble.”

President Judge Jason Legg said the validity of information would be for a jury to decide.

In another matter connected with the suit, the publisher of a pro-natural gas website has been subpoenaed in the case.

The attorney for Tom Shepstone, of Natural Gas Now, motioned to quash the subpoena issued to his client looking for him to produce all communications dealing with Cabot, GDS, Kemble or any person affiliated with Cabot or GDS, including attorneys, from 2013 to the present.

The subpoena is also looking for Shepstone to produce bank records, documents and contracts, and any documents referencing Kemble, William Huston, Craig Stevens, Energy in Denial.

That matter was granted a continuance by the court with a hearing slated for Nov. 21.

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