NM Borough continues no property taxes in 2020 budget

New Milford Borough adopted its 2020 budget at the council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21. The total budget of about $862,940 includes funds earmarked for a proposed sidewalk project, the Church Street bridge project, borough street projects and the town’s pool.

Again in 2020, the borough will levy no property tax on residents. Property owners are assessed one mil in taxes for fire coverage.

New Milford Borough eliminated property taxes beginning in 2015, with the exception of one mil dedicated to fire coverage, after enacting the Earned Income Tax (EIT). It is the only borough in Susquehanna County that did not impose a property tax on its landowners.

The public hearing on a proposed zoning map change has been scheduled for Jan. 16, 2020. The proposed change would extend the borough’s commercial district to include the old school property on the corner of Church and Jackson streets to the commercial district. The multi-tenant facility is currently in a residential zone and has been operating as a permitted non-conforming use.  

The hearing will be advertised and the required notices to neighboring property owners will be made.

Columbia Hose Company is looking to build a new fire station in order to accommodate newer and larger fire fighting vehicles and equipment.

In order to begin the pre-application process, the fire department needs to get a letter of support from the municipalities that it services.

Council President Teri Gulick said the construction of a new fire department facility was “absolutely needed.”

Councilman Rick Ainey said he would like to invite a representative from the fire company to a borough meeting to discuss the proposed project. He offered that it could make sense for the fire company, as well as the borough garage and potentially the municipal authority, be housed in the same facility.

Council’s ordinance committee plans to meet to review a cable franchise agreement. The Adams Cable agreement is due for renewal, however, members of council have balked at the proposed 20 year contract, as well as other changes from the previous contract, being offered by the company.

Mayor Scott Smith asked council if they would be willing to co-sponsor a program about illegal drugs that would be presented by Pennsylvania State Police. Smith said he would get more details about the possible program at an upcoming meeting.

Council is still looking to amend its parking ordinance. The path to a new ordinance will likely include repealing all the old parking ordinances that remain on the books and amending the most recent ordinance adopted by the borough.

The borough office will be closed Dec. 23-27.

The New Milford Borough Council will hold its organizational meeting on Monday, Jan. 6, at 6:30 p.m.

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