Mountain View honors educators

Mountain View School Board honored faculty and staff members who have achieved milestones in their years of service commenting on the many different responsibilities many of these teachers and staff members have been willing to take on.

Richard Loman and May Burns were both honored for 30 years of service, and Darin Bain and Delores Dalickas were honored for 25 years. Carole Rainey and Katie Holzman were noted for 20 years, and Melissa Berish, Sheri Vonada, Melissa Wasko, Kathy McHenry, Charleene Martens, and Donna Jacoby were noted for 15 years of service.

The board also recognized Linda VanGorden, Colleen Heller, Heather Larkin, Lisa Kozloski, and Kristy Bayle for 10 years of service; and Allison Paparelli, Susan Gravine, Katie Beichler, Holly Benedict, David Snyder, and Susan Jones for five years of service.

Winter weather has caused five two-hour delays recently, and one three-hour delay on Thursday, which happened to be a teacher conference day. An additional conference day will be held this Friday, Feb. 14, after a 1 p.m. dismissal.

During the visitor comment section of the meeting, Monica Miller of Kingsley asked why policies are not getting updated on the school website. She asked how the board decides which policies to review. She was told that the PSBA issues reports concerning their changes in state policies, and the school board then reviews those policies accordingly.

Miller also suggested that tuition reimbursement could be offered to paraeducators and other staff members as a benefit.

Policy #220 – Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials was extensively revised to reflect posts on the Internet as well as posted notices around campus..

The board approved a school year calendar for 2020-2021; and a new program of studies for grades 9-12. Board member David Schulte voted no to the program of studies, noting “my reason being I am in opposition to all weighted grades.”

High School Acting Principal Dr. Michael Elia said that seventh and eighth grade students do not have any weighted grades, when he discussed their program of studies.

The board approved the settlement of legal matter concerning three students. Settlements included reimbursement of attorney fees, as well as education and transportation costs.

Lisa Loomis was approved as a 90-day long term substitute, effective Jan. 17, 2020, as a result of serving in the same High School Special Education position for more than 90 days.

The board approved Dawn Chase as a long term substitute for having served more than 30 consecutive days as elementary librarian with the rate of $160 per day effective Feb. 13, 2020.

A letter of resignation was accepted from Rachel Terry as the district’s Assistant Business Manager position, effective Feb. 28, as presented. The board planned to discuss whether to replace this position in an executive session after the meeting.

An article on the Mountain View School District’s yoga and mindfulness program was published in the Jan. 27 issue of U.S. News and World Report. Special Services Director Stephanie Anuszewski noted that the yoga program will be starting up again soon, but will move to Wednesdays so that calming benefits to students can be more easily observed. Previously, yoga was scheduled for Fridays; 120 students participated in the yoga program.

An executive session was held before the public meeting to discuss Special Education interviews, a high school principal interview, litigation, and personnel issues. Another executive session was held after the meeting for personnel issues.

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