Silver Lake bids farewell to lifelong volunteer



Quite often the title of ‘pillar of the community’ is reserved for those few elected o­fficials that have served and held offi­ce for many years. If that is the case, then someone like Joan Webster is the foundation of that community.

At 86 years old, Joan has served the Silver Lake Township people

for most of her life and been an integral part of so many lives in such a important way.

Joan Cease grew up in Heart Lake and graduated from Montrose High School in 1952. Her soon to be husband Doug graduated from Montnrose in 1951 and went off to serve in the war.

When Doug returned home after his military service, they settled in Brackney and built a new home for their family in 1959. Almost immediately, Joan started her service to the community by joining the newly formed Silver Lake Ladies Community Service Club. Soon after that, Joan says that someone from the Ladies Club asked her to join the Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Company, which she didn’t hesitate to do.

It wasn’t long before Joan, John McNamara and Bob Ellis formed a committee to start the Silver Lake Fireman’s Field Days with the first event held in 1967. And for every one of the 40 years that the Silver Lake Fire Company’s Field Days were held, Joan was the one that kept the notebook keeping everyone organized including the food, the games, the workers – all of it.

In addition to being the accountability offi­cer for the fire company, running the pumps on the trucks and being one of two women on Chief John McNamara’s Attack Squad to fight fires, Joan jumped right in when a neighbor donated a truck to use as an ambulance in 1970. Joan along with Don, Sue and Bob Strope, Bob and Sandy Rosencrance, John McNamara, Bob & Larry Ellis, Mrs. Leonard Everitt and others formed Silver Lake Volunteer Rescue Squad.

The women of the Rescue Squad were so dedicated during the day that they would call one another to let everyone know even if they had to jump in the shower so that someone was there to cover if there was a call.

For over 20 years, she has helped run the 4-H Sewing to get students ready their projects for the Harford Fair, and been a member the Silver Lake Community Church where she could be found serving up food at their events.

And now after over 60 years of service to the community, Joan is moving to Idaho to be closer to her two sons, Dale and Randy. She is looking forward to starting a quilting and crafting club and fishing with her family.

She will be greatly missed by all of her friends and neighbors here in Brackney, but we know that the people of Orofino, Idaho, are gaining a very valuable member of the community.

Due to Covid-19, a celebration was not possible. If you would like to send Joan a card, her address is: Joan Webster, 431 Johnson Avenue, Apt. 106, Orofino, ID 83544.

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