Traffic concerns in Montrose

A Cherry Street resident voiced concerns at the Monday, July 6, Montrose Borough Council meeting, about tractor-trailer traffic on the street, and suggested either installing crosswalks or playground signs.

The borough has been working to address issues of truck traffic on the street – with signage at the point where the street converges with South Main (Route 29), a posted weight limit, and restricting northbound trucks from making a left turn onto Union Street.

Councilman Craig Reimel said PennDOT will soon be painting slash marks at the intersection of Cherry and South Main, in order to provide truck drivers a better visual of which road to take.

Councilman Todd Chamberlain suggested having the police conduct stops on tractor-trailers traveling on the street.

A Church Street resident told council he was concerned about the parade held Saturday in the borough, with no PennDOT permit, and children running into the street to collect candy that was thrown.

“To allow something like this without even a slap on the hand is frustrating,” he said, noting concern over a precedent being set by the borough.

Council president Sean Granahan said the borough didn’t know about the parade, that it had been published on social media, and did not know who was in charge of it.

Council said that as orange traffic cones were being placed across Church Street, borough police responded to the safety concern by placing a police car there.

In other business, council accepted the resignation of Chris Calby from the parking enforcement officer position, with regret;

*approved the attendance of the borough solicitor at the July 21 Zoning Hearing Board meeting;

*approved the purchase of a new liner for the ice rink at a cost of $1,960.


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