Veterinary bills mount for dogs rescued from hoarding situation

Zoe and Carrie are two females pulled from a hoarding situation in northeast PA just before Thanksgiving and were brought to Laura’s Hope Rescue. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

Zoe and Carrie are two females pulled from a hoarding situation in northeast PA just before Thanksgiving and were brought to Laura’s Hope Rescue. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

Earl, Oliver, Caden and Finnean were the four male dogs rescued from a hoarding situation two weeks ago. Finn has been placed in a foster-to-adopt home. All of the dogs rescued from the home require extra vet care for skin and eye issues. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

When volunteers at Laura’s Hope Rescue heard over 35 dogs were being pulled from a home in northeastern Pennsylvania just days before Thanksgiving, they rushed to scene with donations.

But they didn’t return empty-handed.

They came back with six of the dogs – four males and two females – all of which need dental work, some with eye issues, and all need spaying or neutering, along with vaccinations and routine veterinary care. The cost of the care – which could amount to about $1,000 per dog – is putting a strain on the non-profit rescue organization, said its founder Grace Benson.

Recently, a litter of puppies came to the rescue with respirator issues that depleted funds available for extra veterinary care.

The dogs that were pulled from the hoarding situation and came to Laura’s Hope are getting some extra care. Because of their dental issues, dry dog food is being ground and mixed with wet food, Benson said. As the dogs progress, more dry food will be introduced to their diets, Benson said.

On the night the dogs were seized from the home, Benson said she was overwhelmed upon their return to Laura’s Hope to find all of the organization’s volunteers at the kennel and ready to help. The volunteers helped bathe the dogs, and groomers also came to help cut through the dogs’ heavily matted hair.

Other volunteers just helped by holding the dogs and keeping them calm, Benson said.

Penelope’s pups Marion (at the gate) and Ralph are part of the Happy Days litter who were likely heading to their forever homes this week. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON


Through the pandemic, Benson – who works as a contracted transportation provider with the Mountain View School District – began working with a rescue that specializes in pulling pregnant dogs from high-kill shelters in South Carolina.

This year, Laura’s Hope has brought in six pregnant dogs that have given birth to their litters at the rescue: Sable, Samantha, Maddie, Beth, Penelope and Clove.

The moms and pups are often the subject of videos livestreamed each day from the kennel – a practice Benson started as a way to connect with people during the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year. At times, over 80-90 people are watching the videos live, Benson said.

Not only do people fall in love with the puppies, they also get to know the personalities of the dog-moms, as well, Benson said, and families have been eager to adopt the mother dogs after the litter has been weaned.

Clove’s pups are a terrier mix and part of the Peanuts Gang litter. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

The dogs from the hoarding situation are also getting their share of screen time on Facebook Live, as they snuggle together. Benson said she hopes the females, Zoe and Carrie, are adopted together.

The dogs pulled from the hoarding situation are all over five years of age, Benson said, and thus, considered seniors. She said that Laura’s Hope Rescue does not charge a fee for senior adoptions, but donations are accepted.

Donations are also needed to help cover the costs for the dogs’ necessary veterinary care, and can be mailed to Laura’s Hope Rescue, 3385 Forest St., Hop Bottom, PA 18824.

Information for online donations, as well as the adoption application, can also be found on the website:

Find Laura’s Hope Rescue on Facebook to view videos of the dogs.

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