Dealership fights back against allegations

The owners and management team of a Forest City car dealership is fighting back against allegations that they engaged in deceptive business practices.

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania State Police Tpr. Eric Burns filed charges against Allan Hornbeck Chebrolet in Clifford District Court.

According to the affidavit filed by Tpr. Eric Burns in Clifford District Court, Allan Hornbeck Chevrolet failed to comply with a contract with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation by making late submissions for customers’ vehicles that were purchased at the dealership.

A preliminary hearing in the matter has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 13.

Dealership manager Michael Muchnik said it is “unfortunate the way everything was done,” and that there had been a mistake on paperwork that led to police filing charges.

He explained a policy number had been incorrectly listed on the paperwork, which the dealership’s notary had corrected. “An honest mistake was made,” he said and also said that the paperwork, along with the notarized correction, was shown to the investigating trooper.

Muchnik said the Pennsylvania Automobile Association (PAA) accepted the paperwork for the vehicle in question, along with the notarized correction. PAA reviews title work before it is delivered to PennDOT and assists with all PennDOT documents.

He also said that through COVID shutdowns, receiving vehicle titles from banks took longer than normal at times.

“There was nothing fraudulent,” he said, adding the dealership followed Pennsylvania laws and guidelines. “We’re a small family store, a small local business,” Muchnik added. “I don’t understand the allegations.”

Alex Landa, owner of Hornbeck Chevy, says the case filing by police has hurt the dealership and feels like the business has been targeted. “The whole thing is out of control,” he said.



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