Independent staff mourns death of reporter

The Susquehanna County Independent lost one of its writers on Wednesday, Jan. 5, with the death of reporter Reggie Sheffield, age 61, of Dimock. He leaves behind his wife, Lana, and two daughters.

Reggie has been writing for the Independent for the past four years, bringing with him skills honed in the newsrooms of daily newspapers. Reggie covered court cases involving the natural gas industry; laws and changes from the state that effect residents; senior issues; local politics and government meetings; and offered compelling personal feature stories. To say he could “do it all,” is an understatement.

I’ve often thought that journalism was a skill, rather than a talent. That, given certain rules and enough practice, most anyone could learn the job. Reggie, however, brought a storyteller’s grace to all he wrote – weaving a picture in newsprint.

Many have commented on Reggie’s grin as he requested documents. “You want that (fill in the blank)?” came the question. His answer: “Want? No. Take? Yes.”

He was my “go-to” guy when I needed to complain, and his language was often colorful as he cut through the “fluff” to the real heart of the matter.

Reggie Sheffield is irreplaceable, which has been confirmed by multiple sources.


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