SCCD completes Buckley Road project

The Susquehanna County Conservation District completed a Dirt & Gravel Road project on Buckley Road. The project added cross pipes and raised the road profile to reduce sediment into Silver Creek. PHOTO COURTESY SCCD

The Susquehanna County Conservation District recently unveiled its “2021 Highlights Page” showcasing environmental projects in the county. 

The resource challenge of the Dirt & Gravel Road project was that Buckley Road was heavily eroded and depositing sediment into Silver Creek which is an EV trout stream. The SCCD’s Dirt & Gravel Road Program provided funding assistance for a one-mile stretch of road through Salt Springs State Park.

The Project included the addition of two new 18” cross pipes and the replacement of seven cross pipes with both 18” and 24” cross pipes.

The road profile was also raised an average of two feet to allow water to sheet flow off of it. By dispersing the water before it reaches the stream, we are able to help reduce the sediment load to Silver Creek.

“This project is just one example of the multiple water quality improvements the Susquehanna County Conservation District has accomplished or is currently implementing.  These projects improve water quality in our county and assist in the county’s economic recovery,” stated District Manager Jennifer Ramey.

The Susquehanna County Conservation District promotes sound environmental practices and protects natural resources.  Our educational efforts and technical expertise are vital components to the County’s environmental accomplishments. 

For more information about the Susquehanna County Conservation District or its projects, visit or call (570) 782-2105.

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