Citing changes, Herschel resigns from Aging board

The Susquehanna County Courthouse was built in the Greek Revival style – one of the architectural styles prominent in the Montrose Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

Citing changes to the board and no guarantee of continued representation on the B/S/S/T Area Agency of Aging board of directors, Susquehanna County commissioner representative Judith Herschel announced her resignation, effective immediately, from that agency’s board. The announcement came at the Wednesday, April 13, meeting of the Susquehanna County Commissioners.

“Area Agency on Aging… has included, on its board of directors one county commissioner, from each county. The commissioners were an active voice of their county.” Herschel said.

Beginning with the next appointment cycle in June, Herschel said, county commissioners are no longer guaranteed a board of director’s seat. “We’ll be voted on by the board like any other potential board member,” Herschel said. Minimum numbers of representatives from specific counties has been eliminated.

“I have an obligation to advocate for the needs of Susquehanna County,” said Herschel. “Sometimes our needs in Susquehanna County are different than other counties in the joinder, but options offered in the joinder are different or inconsistent.”

Herschel commended the agency’s employees and volunteers for their work, especially during Covid.  

She continued, “However, there have been many changes initiated with this program even prior to Covid, along with projected changes to occur in the near future.”

Herschel laid out expectations the county commissioners have moving forward, including the call for no further closings of Active Living Centers, and a strategic plan for programming; robust, regular recruitment; homecare program; and hot meal delivery options returned to three days a week.

“At the end of the day, our seniors are our priority and we only want the best for them,” she said.

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