Saluting the Class of 2022: Mountain View

Mountain View Principal Dr. Mark Lemoncelli said that one trait was the hallmark of the Class of 2022: humility.

In his remarks to the graduates on Saturday, June 4, Lemoncelli said that, despite their individual and group accomplishments, they exemplified humility as defined by “freedom from pride” and “freedom from arrogance.”

“I believe you should be proud of your accomplishments but doing so without arrogance will ground you and foster humility,” he said. “The global pandemic has not held you down or held you back.”

Valedictorian Megan Zipprich said, that in preparation for her commencement address, she looked for a symbol – something the Class of 2022 embodies. “I realized it was something I see every day. The Eagle.” She explained that while the Eagle is a symbol of power and freedom, the bird had also faced adversity.

 “This class has shown its strength, perseverance and resilience,” Zipprich said.

She said that although the members of the graduating class faced challenges, “You managed to conquer them all to get to this day.”

Salutatorian Maressa Salansky said that in her final year of high school she learned to “not take time for granted.”

Quoting from the Disney movie “Up,” Salutatorian Maressa Salansky advised her classmates to, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

“Experiences an memories mean more than a grade could ever mean,” Salansky said.

Class President Nathan Ofalt commended the resilience of his fellow graduates over the past two years, and cautioned them to, “Be resilient, my friends, there will be more chaos in the years to come.”

Class Treasurer Nicholas Schmidt conveyed the “Class Reflections,” noting the graduating class had faced challenges and persevered through trying times. Although not able to fully connect, “Covid taught us to value our time together,” he said.

Zipprich returned to the podium for the “Class Farewell,” expressing her thanks, and acknowledging the retirement of Dean of Students George Barbolish. “While this is our only graduation, this is his last,” she said.

Zipprich quoted from the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it,” Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It.”

“Look around today and appreciate this moment,” she said.


Mountain View Class of 2022

Cohen Reid Anderson; Gregory Donald Barlow; James Joseph Bernosky; Emily Elise Borove; Benjamin Arthur Burman; Francesca Grace Calamari; Emily Maree Clark; Casey Concetta Congdon; Hannah Jean Cosgrove; Nickolas Eric Darrow; Jacob Charles DeManicor; Lauren Elizabeth Dick; Seamus Christopher Fish; Avery Laura Fortuner; Rachel Ann Gerfin; Jalil Willie Gillyard; Caylee Mae Gregory; Lillian Adreena Harvey; Ryan Jason Henke; Robert Alex Hertzog; Rohan Andrea Hertzog; Delaney Ranae Hollenbeck; Kaitlyn Elizabeth Jarnagin; Macie Jo Kelley; Edward Anthony Kowalyk; Mason S LeMaster; Kathryn Elyse Long; Dominick Christian MacDonald; Matthew James Mason; Kaitlyn Emma McCracken; Carol McHenry; Emily Joy Michaels; Jacob James Moxen; Gavin Andrew Natterer; Alexander James Nealon; Stephanie Grace Nichols; Michael J Nowlin Jr; Nathan Lee Ofalt; Paul Michael Pashchuk III; Joshua Victor Pellew; Victoria Rae Pellew; Kyle A Pissott; Rebecca Grace Plomchok; Arianna Ratay-Inshetski; Lucas Skylar Robbins; Collin Jason Saam; Maressa Marie Salansky; Nicholas Anthony Schmidt; Emily Ruth Streich; Maura Lynn Strickland; Camryn Alivia Taylor; Shannon Elizabeth Toolan; Joshua Mariusz Tyborowski; Mario Adrian Vasquez; Andre’ Thomas Wiggins; Keila Marie Zick; Megan Rileigh Zipprich.


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