Commissioners honor firefighters serving 50+ years

The Susquehanna County Commissioners presented checks to area fire and ambulance services on Friday. The checks – totaling $375,000 paid with county Act 13 revenue – delivered $10,000 to first responder units in the county, and $5,000 to mutual aid companies.

County Commissioners Elizabeth Arnold, Allen Hall and Judith Herschel also honored first responders who have served for over 50 years.

The following is a list of volunteers and their years of service:

Silver Lake EMS: Phyllis McNamara, 52 years;

Forest City Area Fire: Paul Lukus, 60 years, Paul Mihelc, 58 years; Thomas Prince, 58 years, David Prince, 57 years; David Kerzic, 57 years;

Susquehanna Fire & EMS: Richard Hennessey, 52 years; William Mazikewich, 52 years, Steve Glover, 52 years, Joseph Schell, 52 years.

Susquehanna Fire: Roger Holleran, 52 years; Michael Keyes Sr., 51 years.

United Fire: Sam Arnold, 57 years; Allen Hinds, 69 years; Jay Kelly, 57 years; Ralph Henry, 57 years; Jack Lasher 53 years; Billy Zalewski, 56 years.

Snake Creek: Richard Robinson, 68 years.

Columbia Hose Fire & EMS: Joseph MacConnell, 58 years; Elwin MacConneell, 65 years.

Columbia Hose Fire: Burr Darrow, 61 years; James Shaw, 56 years; Clifford Smalley, 54 years.

Thompson Hose Fire & EMS: Spence Callender 50+ years; Ardith Callender, 50+ years.

Thompson Hose Aux.: Diane Frye, 50+ years.

Rush Fire: Frank Conboy, 60 years; Bob Boyanowski, 57 years; Kendall Mitchell, 53 years; Dan Conboy, 51 years; Wally Stewart, 51 years.

Silver Lake Fire: Gary Henry, 50+ years; Kevin Brewster, 50+ years.

Forest Lake: Charles Parker, 59 years; Ron Smith, 54 years.

Springville: John Bronson, 50+ years; John Horn, 50+ years; Lila Loch, 50+ years; William Loch, 50+ years.

Hallstead: George Stover Jr., 50+ years; John Kelleher, 50+ years; Mike Welch, 50+ years; Sterling Sinnett, 50+ years.

Hop Bottom: Taylor Hartman, 55 years; Paul Cobb, 53 years; John Koshinski, 52 years.

Pleasant Mount: Donald Cribbs, 50+ years; Mabel Eltz, 50+ years; Logan Fenstrmacher, 50+ years; Robert Muller Sr., 50+ years; Mike Nebzydoski, 50+ years; Carl Robinson, 50+ years; Charlie Snigar, 50+ years; Walter Terry, 50+ years; Albert Wildenstein, 50+ years.

Nicholson: Richard Lochen, 63 years; Gerald Herron 63 years; Willard Irion Jr., 59 years; William Crock, 58 years; Arthur Wadge Sr., 51 years.


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